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There are thousands of books on creativity. But what do we actually know about it in today series, the show talks to the researchers who study creativity as well as artists inventors and path breakers who live at every day, including IWay James, Dyson, Elvis Costello went Marcellus and Rosanne cash and more freakonomics at three. Okay. One more time Croatian, and I will keep it. Keep to the business today. We're bringing you stories of people who lose. Yes. But they lose in such a way that you could you could argue that they actually win in our last segment we told the story of some punk rockers living in Cuba who purposively injected themselves with aids as a as an escape as an act of resistance in order to sort of free themselves from an autocratic regime now we we're gonna play. Yes, natural move. And so this next story comes to us from producer lot Nassar. And it's a sports story sort of like, none you've ever heard. And therefore we found a reporter who is sports reporter like none you've ever heard. Yeah. I've been to a gym Layla, Mike Pesca. He's the host of the gist podcast put by sleet, formerly of NPR still sometimes routes Fenby are and now he's here telling the story. Yeah. How did you even I hear about this where you covering it? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So. This is morning edition from NPR news. I'm Renee Montaigne covering the two thousand twelve Olympics for NPR. Hello. And I declare open the games of London. The stories of the Olympics. You try to find your own stories that are obscure. But if there was a big story you chase it. So in those Olympics for you. What were the most notable achievements in the first week of the games? Well. The Michael Phelps breaking the all time record, obviously. Nobody's one as many medals at the Olympic Games ever knew that. Bolt. And his record setting quest in the hundred would be used. But. Can this badminton story? Pops up. And everyone rushes to figure out what the heck's going on with badminton. The two thousand twelve London Olympics badminton tournament just took this somewhat obscure sport, and it morphed it into this bizarro thought experiment about competition and integrity and what it means to win. But mostly I think that although to be fair, Mike, he jumped on this story for very personal reasons as New Yorker, I say a lot of words and their mispronounced in the NPR audience would jump on them. But I always can say the in badminton and get a lot of plaudits. So I'm attracted badminton, the one way to say badminton most people say badminton bad Bandmann talking to some hands where wintertime chastising a playful cat. And then also, you know, you you, and I probably think of badminton as this backyard fund silly game. But..

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