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Of four three my offend today very strong Santa Ana winds are forecast for much of LA Ventura county when guests up to sixty miles per hour possible some out areas officials are warning down trees and power lines and increased risk of wildfire overnight powerful winds already knocked over trees paralyzed in a cynical Rita was a lot of like Christmas decorations in my neighborhood that run one person's lawn now the Santa Ana Harley send somebody else's long while yeah I was ripping through visas warning customers about cyber crime groups who are exploiting the weaknesses certain gas station credit card systems in order to steal information yes this messages have been receiving complaints from customers who say they were charged for gas they didn't buy the hack does appear to affect more secure chip card so if you have the chip card a little better off in the the number of students attending college in the U. S. dropped sharply twenty nineteen falling for several years back since two thousand eleven calls Roman has dropped by over two point three million one of the main reasons for this is the cost of high tuition experts also point to a strong economy more people entering the workforce instead of going to college all right is eight twenty one is one of four three my them coming up with the top ten interviews of two thousand nineteen run number seven now right right absolutely correct okay it's a top ten list number seven is supposed to be pretty good it is number seven this interview I'm not gonna give it away but it comes with like a secondary interview of another celebrity that enters the conversation right all that's the one that's right I know this one okay two seven seconds left that injures somebody in seventeen I guess and just like it's the.

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