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You know the next? The greatest of all right. The next crab Ron Kobe Gretzky, Right. Whatever. You just You can't just throw that term around. I think that loosely and I tend to feel bad for the athlete in particular because that gets later stuff. How do how do you live up to being the next tiger? You got to win more than 10 majors. I mean, it's just It's really, really hard to do. And if you don't Even approach that moniker. Then you're going to be known as yet the disappointment instead of just a guy that had a good has a great career. Yeah, right. I couldn't even tell you how many tournaments he's one here Europe wherever, But I know he usually fall short and because my I was, it was built up to say, Well, let's watch this kid. He's gonna be phenomenal and and it's really frustrating. He's won several majors, You know, um and the man that maybe it was the U. S open and Maybe it's the open championship in Cuba, where they just played the U. S Open was Earth. Maybe it was the 07. You know, he won by like 12 strokes a major, So you know, it's It's very random. Yeah, it's very render so many good players on tour now. Yeah, just so many. You know, when when I would you know, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, maybe right before the Rory era. Wasn't that many guys that were you know, it was Tiger and like, if you were lucky you you were you were able to compete with Tiger, You know, like Rocco Mediate and you know, like those types of players Sergio in and tiger in that rivalry, But the game is in such better hands now from like there's 2030 guys that are just really top end player top end talents in the country. Four birdies in a row for Jordan Spieth. Is it three under? I like it right? I think he's in second place now. Yes, he would be in second place tied for second place with a handful. I picked him in none of my Fanuel lineup, So I'm not exactly rooting for speech right now. Why didn't you He's been golfing. Well, right? Yeah, he did. I think he missed the cut The U. S open, though, but that's us open. Downplay. It doesn't It's too long for him. All right. When we get back, we'll get a break in and we'll keep you updated on the British Open, and we will also talk about The nice thing that happened with the Sabres. Yes, it wasn't. I'm not going to say like Christmas came early. Yeah, I was like, Oh, good. Yeah. Okay, good because it makes well, there is no discussion. Now. There's no tough choice before we go to break And this this would be a good tease, though, like were you Happier that Skinner said yes, or that the Sabres and Kevin EMS were smart enough to actually ask him. I did see a few tweets about that. I don't know. People were not expected by savers to do that. I don't know that I was either. Boy, That would be like a basic thing you would have had you think about you wouldn't think you would think. But I don't know how an organization would miss that. I am not quite there, giving them that benefit, not just assuming that automatically and see some tweets. From people who cover the league. Not necessarily just fans tweeting us about how give you know Give the safest credit. They actually did a smart thing. But there was a no brainer. I I agree, but again. We? You know, we I don't work in that that that organization works in no absolutes right now, For sure it makes the four. There is no decision it forward now, so that's right. There is not go to the third guy they protect on the defense. That's right, so we'll get into that moment. Phone lines are always open over the course of the show. If you like what we're talking about, you want to add an opinion to the discussion. Great. If there's something else you want to bring up that we haven't gotten too marvelous. 80305 50 is the number to call on the show today. Steve Tasker joining us at 7 30 we'll be talking about gives 716 which starts tonight actually will share this with you real quick. In case you're not familiar with it. Give 716 Is going to help out charities that the local charities they're in need of contributions. A lot of people had a tough time with the pandemic and on that long list, unfortunately, would be charities and you.

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