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Fox News. That's how New York's governor describes what happened today at the West Point military academy, where briefings being held. Fox's Grenell Scott has this live the investigation into what led to the summer training, exercise accident that killed one cadet and hurt. Twenty two others early this morning continues. A tweet from West Point said it was a light medium, tactical vehicle that overturned according to the West Point website. The camp natural bridge site where this accident happened was, we're training by the third infantry division out of Fort Benning, Georgia was being held conditions of the injured of not been released nor has the identity of the cadet killed President Trump tweeting moments ago, we mourn, the loss of life and pray for the injured, Lisa. Thanks colonel. Governor Andrew Cuomo calling the crash all the more heart-wrenching on the seventy fifth anniversary of d day tributes on both sides of the Atlantic true memorial to the Bedford boys and all the courageous Americans who charged the beach. Of france. Seventy five years ago today is our freedom, the freedom, they fought and sacrificed so much to defend president of the national d day memorial in Bedford Virginia more talks with Mexico on tariffs. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in DC, Lisa President Trump says he's serious about hitting Mexico with tariffs. Even that's a delegation from the country is in Washington, trying to come to an agreement dramatic could happen with Dulbecco the tariffs go on. How speaker Nancy Pelosi Kalsa tariffs. Dangerous territory is not a way to treat a friend. It's not a way to deal with immigration. It's not a way to deal a meet the humanitarian needs at the border. Mexico's foreign minister says he's optimistic a deal can be reached before the Monday deadline. Lisa, thanks, Rachel on Wall Street, stocks turning higher for now. The Dow's up eighty.

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