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Edition and start with some aqueduct chatter and go back to the Saturday card, which it was so funny as at some point Saturday I pulled over, you know, run through my Twitter while I'm getting gas or dinner or whatever it was and I see David Aaron going to tweet something to the effect of like another crazy result. I don't know what to like completely mystified. And so start looking through the results later at night and I see a 46 to one in a 7 horse field, where the other longest shot was 9 to one. So not only the last choice, but like the way last choice. And I'm like, okay, well, maybe it's that he was talking about, then I get scanned further. Oh, there's a two to 5 after that. But then the feature, the already schiller, obviously a crazy result. Now, a few scratches, obviously, there's some MTO. So field pass ended up not going. But they ended up with a field of 9 and they already shiller going a mile on the turf, which it looks like on TV that they start like a tiny little bit in the chute, but really I don't think it's that. That exaggerated. I always I'm excited about Tampa because we have the turf shoot and I remember at Gulfstream park west, loving those races, but also realizing how many subtle trips come out of that shoot because you're essentially it's like a two and a half turn race, if not a full three turn race. And so losing ground coming out of that shoe, and then going right into the next the first turn, the quote unquote first turn, it can really not be great. And you obviously get horses that shuffle around a little bit and so you'll get some funny trips in these races. They already shiller. Like I said, they kind of start at least it looks like on TV like they start as the track is straightening away. But I remember it Gulfstream west they would show the like the overhead view like on the when they would do the replay show Ron nicoletti would come on and he would do the track and weather conditions. I love how Ron talks. He's got kind of that horse voice. Mister safi Joseph junior. He always holds the last name. He's the best. But he would do like the track weather conditions and they would show kind of an overhead shot of the turf course and you would see that coming out of the shoot like they really don't straighten into the lane. Like it's kind of a rolling turn into the lane and then right into the turn. And obviously, it's a little different from track to track and aqueduct. There is a little bit of straight, but not a whole lot. And so these races I always love to watch them because I think you can find some some interesting trips and stuff. But like this race, the Artie schiller kind of ended up proving to be like the antithesis of all that thought because it just did not work out that way. Sent off as your favorite of my little charcoal. There we go. Set off is your favorite flavius down toward the inside with Jose Ortiz, of course for Chad Brown at the judgment. I tell your daddy Tom Morley's horse, who's great at stakes winner over the summer. In here, march to the arch in here. And wide open bedding group of sorts. It was almost 5 to two on flavius is the favorite and a few bombs as well. But let's take a listen back to John and brielle's call of the Artie schiller from Saturday at aqueduct. And they're off. It is Ronaldo who's going out for the early lead flavius is down at the rail now, bodie cream moves up on the outside. They come under the line for the first time and it is Ronald the leader. Bodhi creams on the outside and second and then it is flavius and tell your daddy, they are heads apart, third and fourth. Olympic runner is in 5th position. Looking to come through with the rail is on March to the arch on the outside is NYC and at the back of the pack breaking the rules and mandate. The opening quarter mile over the good turf in 24 and three 5th seconds and it is Ronald showing the way here leading by a length and a quarter. Bodhi cream runs in second, tell your daddy on the outside now moving up from third. Flavius is down at the rail and in fourth, then NYC and mandate followed by Olympic runner breaking the rules and on March to the arch, down at the fence. The half and 49 and four. And it is still an Aldi with the lead here and Aldi's in front. Tell your daddy in second with bodie cream and third as they go around the far turn. Rinaldi and tell your daddy, they are one two. Bodie creams and third mandates on the outside and forth and flavius is down at the rail then and YC and breaking the rules on the extreme outside three quarters went in one 14 and two. They are in the stretch and it is still Ronald. Here's tell your daddy and on the outside it is mandate three of them across the track for the lead. Flavius has moved to the outside as they come down for the finish now and his mandate looking to pull off a huge upset here and mandate has done it. 40 four to one mandate. Wins they already sell her. 44 to one, but what if I told you an underlay on the more.

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