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Have down through Savin hill north bound busy from several to Columbia road three south is slow before the derby street lane dropping hang on I'm Dave Gardner and the W. RKO traffic center now W. RKO weather channel forecast on the way so that means we won't see much snow as this arctic front moves through but what you will notice is the big drop in temperature that starts tonight and the much colder weather tomorrow and Friday today it's a chilly day partly cloudy with just a few light snow showers late in the day thirty six this afternoon a few snow showers this evening then we dry out low to mid teens tonight tomorrow it's sunny it is cold twenty four the high tomorrow Fridays only slightly warmer twenty eight Saturday we've got a few clouds thirty four the high Saturday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the weather channel on the voice of Boston AM six eighty W. RKL is this season and you know what would make you judge this Christmas one million dollars it's the million dollar secret Santa on WRKO listen for the secret Santa called word every other when six AM and eight PM we one million dollars it's the secret W. R. K. O. there are ways to potentially lower your taxable income and offset capital gains you want to take steps to get your financial house in order before the end of the year Kelly Armstrong advisor group and ask for their new free guide to an important year end financial tips call eight hundred three nine three four thousand one and get your copy today that's eight hundred three nine three four thousand one or download it right now at Armstrong advisory dot com securities offered to securities America incorporated member FINRA SIPC an advisory services offered through securities America visors incorporated I'm strong representative Armstrong advisory group miscarries American companies are unaffiliated sometimes when you're living with a disability unable to work you just need a hand up citizens disability understands and whether you're applying for disability benefits from social security for the first time or you've been denied in the past citizens disability knows how to guide you to the help you deserve you'll work directly with and advocate who will listen evaluate and.

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