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Of jury. Duty the trial of robert durst. I'm your host carryanne olis' i'm joined by my co host brittany bookbinder on the morning of thursday july twenty ninth. Just before the prosecution began presenting the last part of their case against robert durst. The defense team presented evidence of robert durst declining health in support of one final motion for a mistrial in a hearing this morning. The defense called dr klein who specializes in internal medicine and kidney disorders back. In may the defense presented a report. From dr klein that outlined robert durst various maladies this morning under questioning from dicta garin. Dr klein reiterated the conditions. He noted in his report. Based on your records review and based on your two examinations of this mr dirt would you please outline for it briefly. Each significant medical condition that he has that could affect his physical abilities to withstand brawl and his cognitive abilities. Would you tell us what those conditions are. I is that he has normal pressure hydrocephalus and he had a shunt place about six or seven years ago so he was treated and fifty percent of people within six seven eight years will have some sort of a relapse at this point deputy. Da john lewin offered to stipulate to the various conditions that dr klein had detailed in his report since it did not appear that the physician was offering any new information however judge mark e wyndham decided. It was important to hear the doctor out. The doctor klein proceeded to describe the conditions that we have previously reported on including chronic lung disease. Cardiac issues esophageal gastric as well as his preferred methods of treatment which involve immediate hospitalization to garin. Then ask dr klein to lay out. The cognitive issues that he believes would prevent robert durst from continuing to stand trial. Yes now address the cognitive or how his conditions affect his cognitive ability in in the medical record the it describes him as he cognitively impaired deficient many many many times. I can give you a stack of papers. I extracted from the medical record. We're again and again. It mentions his cognitive deficits. There's many actions he does it show that he's got cognitive deficit and he's declining. When pressed for an example. This is how the doctor responded he. He was found in jail to have defecated on the floor of his cell and he covered it with his clothing. And that's not considered normal behavior when deputy da. John lewin cross examined dr klein he pushed back on the conclusions. That the doctor has drawn in your may report. You basically said you didn't know this durst. He was had such so ill that he had a limited life expectancy you do not know if he could survive trial correct. That's would you agree. Dr did mr jurists if anything has gotten better in terms of how he has been able to understand the proceedings and participate during the trial. He's not even better. Have you watched the trial. Dr no sir. Do you know anything about the fact that mr jurists participates hands notes to his attorneys tells them to object. Is that any way going into your decision making process involving his confidence. I think better at you especially read the notes. But he's writing his handwriting. See how much understands about what's being said. As.

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