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Major's uh even after having a near career in the injury and switching to become a side pitcher i got bill miller number three and then i've got match hickey who uh you know another one of those st louis guys just killer power number four but yeah i think jake burger we will see in the beginning uh what he has to offer i i compared him to i don't know if scott stomach you think this sounds right but a former arkansas razorbacks jack cox those elite firstround pick great editor around four hundred interim college a little bit of our third baseman now the speed i hope it works out better for burger than it did for cox who ultimately uh what's the cardinals stood up marlins of just route two thousand twelve but i mean i i see him as being i've player and kind of bill why cox little bit is good uh yeah kind of a stock ether based a friend but other guys got on my list sean larkham who played the ten plus years in the majors primarily for the blue jays the brewers he was shortstop college ended up getting closer three big peachtree another underrated guy i didn't ask you to throws but know he was a two thousand twelve college baseball pitcher of the year chased or guy looks noah's ark snow fair grow uh once had a twenty home runs a seat me that's legal hacker actually had a thirty five home runs she's the lead to all college baseball sean kelly about mark bailey who actually saw down there this week it working with the astros and uh that up with him at all game there and he was actually the first bear to make the majors that happened back in eighty four he's a glendale yeah lot of good names there and and as we talked about last week uh your honorable mention lister our guys that all could possibly crack that list you know on somebody else's list as well so again you can find that all of those.

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