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Coming up with big plays. In six of the secondary third two. Who told them? Harris who came Oh. Absolutely was show bears gets up, knocks it down to Sean. Williams with beautiful dive a Journeyman Kinda Guy. A beautiful die for the interception and that's kind of what got this thing going the defense started to. Get some confidence about themselves and showed Williams who He's just trying to get on get on a roster and make a name for himself but I thought it was i. mean that was a nice nice interception there but again, the tip. And you saw show Behar's do it again on that Harris was everywhere. I liked what I saw again, Bryce Callahan with a beautiful interception. I thought Justin Simmons Kareem Jackson were outstanding Michael J. Moody Oh. The rookie sensation I. I love watching this guy play football man. I love watching a good corner and he was. Josie Joel was making some good place in this game Bradley Chubb came up with the sack. and. That's what we asked. You know hate can can Bradley Chubb do it? Another game can keep doing it because there's a lot of pressure on him. We're talking a lot about. Shaq. Barrett and was this the wrong move. But you're seeing a guy in in Bradley Chubb and I'm telling You I took a picture this Colfax. TV of course, I was not in Foxborough. And that. Bradley. Chubb sack. Cam Newton. Looked an awful lot like von Miller sack when he pulled the ball back in Super Bowl fifty now cam loses the ball they recover it. But the broncos were getting after it creating turnovers to getting the two interceptions. And the fumble fumble forced. It's what you have to do defensively. So I loved the offensive line in this game I. Absolutely Love Shelby Harris and the end, the defensive line. Well, let's let's be. Let's face it here. there's a lot to unpack today, but Colfax I I need to get to the good the bad. And the ugly presented by FMS bank banking made simple. The good. I mean I already talked about. This. Guy's got to be feeling pretty good about life today six for six Brandon McManus. Manas we'll try a forty five yard field goal broncos or on the board forty, four yard try by McManus. and. It's six to nothing ten for it from forty five and forty, four, twenty, seven yard. Try here. It's perfect and it's nine nothing is gone four of four and away she goes and up in and it's fifteen to three manors five a five. This would be a longest today and it is good I mean it's good and bad right That's your highlight reel. Folks feel goal after vehicle after field goal after field goal after field. Goal. After feel. But you gotTa Win. You found a way to do it defensively stood up twelve points by this patriots team and the broadcasters give me a break on the Patriots you could see they're off. Everything's different for them. We.

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