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Mitchell Trubisky, Matt Nagy, National Football League discussed on Kap & Company


That's Matt Nagy yesterday. And I agree with what he said there that it is Mitchell rookie year in this offense really rookie year in the National Football League is really have much of a chance last year to be successful. But he did get some game experience. He did get some experience of being a professional football player. He also talked about Mitch improving every week. He's seen more defenses. Now every game every third down that he sees every red zone defense. He sees just put it in a library. And we come back to that next year. And we look at it. And we oh, yeah. I remember that play. I remember running that play against that defense. It's all banking knowledge right now for him. And and that's important. He's he's slowly improving which I love it's not going to be an overnight thing. He had a good game. And and we want to continue to have those good games. But there's a process to. That's Matt Nagy on his quarterback. So his quarterback last week called out by Mike Lombardi, former NFL general manager who joined the Waddle and Silvy show yesterday. And Mike Lombardi I want you to hear this ED's only give me your thoughts. This is Mike Lombardi with Waddle and Silvy his evaluation of Mitchell Trubisky when you look at him at the beginning of the season. And you watch him throw the ball over ten yards. And you watch the games you watch him on third down and you watch him in the red zone. I mean things that come up here. Look. Good game against the lions. Football their their their opponent quarterback rating is one twenty they blew coverages various didn't play. I'm not. I'm not falling prey to who. He plays against me. When you look at the bears wins. And I think the bears speed of the first five win those compete for the first pick in the draft. You know, so it's not like they beaten any solid defense. And I said this all along don't play Minnesota. Vikings defense only allowed nine third downs conversions out of forty one attempts on the road. You may them. You're a good player. And I think when you look at Trubisky too. You keep the numbers. They don't why. I mean, you know, he throws the ball over Kenya. On the twenty seven ranked quarterback in the National Football League. I think that's done a great job of doing what he can do. But it's became extends. And you have to be good teams. Mean people say that patriot game wasn't as close when there was a couple balls that the patriots should have intercepted in.

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