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In Cooley, says is very, funny but gets even better when it turns. Serious this is the second time this year HBO is presented a thoughtful well researched intimate documentary biography about a comedian who built a singularly successful comedy, career then. Died, suddenly the I was John appetite was, fabulous inspirational appreciation of Garry. Shandling the new one premiering today is called Robin. Williams come inside my. Mind it's directed by marina xenophobic who is beginning to specialize in biographies of artists who've done great, work but have complicated private. Lives her subjects have included Richard Pryor and Roman, Polanski and now Robin Williams whose onstage approach is a stand up. Comic Whether he. Was changing subjects at warp speed or exploring one. Idea until it was perfectly polished gem was a wonder to behold I'm in Are? You aware You say After being diagnosed with what ultimately was identified as an Alzheimer's like Aleman called Lewy. Body dementia Williams committed suicide in two thousand fourteen at age. Sixty three But come? Inside my mind is more about his life than his death it explains sometimes using audio tape of Williams being interviewed, including on, fresh air how and why Robin, Williams pursued acting and laughter as a young man how he got into Juilliard where he learned from the esteem John houseman how he got his big break playing an alien named Mark on a guest appearance on ABC's happy days and how he's sudden fame on Morgan Mindy in the, nineteen seventies led to years of excessive drug and alcohol use how he crossed over from TV actor two movie star scoring with such films. As good morning Vietnam the Fisher king and MRs Doubtfire, and how he teamed with Billy crystal and Whoopi Goldberg for annual comic. Relief benefits for the homeless there are samples from all these phases of his career and there are outtakes to plenty of them including some very raw comedy but what's. Even more interesting or the comments from other very funny comics Who dropped their guard here. And speak very seriously about both the comedy and personality of Robin Williams Like David Letterman who started as a. Standoff about the same time in the same comedy clubs and watched Williams with off, in my head my first sight of it was that he could fly because of the the energy it was like. Observing an experiment and Steve Martin who starred with Williams in a stage production of waiting for Godot his character was interestingly Hurt and he played very vulnerable as I think he. Was in life too On, stage he, was the master and in. Charge funny and quick and in life you know he wasn't on stage anymore I just felt a little bit of I think he was really. Comfortable on stage and less comfortable offstage Always felt holding holding himself together and Billy. Crystal who shares and talks about some of the private phone messages his old friend would leave on his answering machine wherever it was when the phone would, ring and I'd. Look at it and I. See the four one five area code I know it was him I, know it's going. To be something really good.

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