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Listeners. If you're older than Gen Z. I. already listen to discern episodes and it's just encouraging to hear this younger generation of API's who are Democrats and really trying to you know make make November third. A real watershed moment for our country in the world But I would also say listeners if you've got adult children or they've got young adult children themselves. At high recommend that you pass along this link for shop the vote Dot Com just because We all benefit when we get educate, we educate ourselves and and certainly get motivated not just to vote on November third to vote early and to vote correctly. But also to kind of keep spreading the word among other people. especially. API We really need to get the vote out. I'm working with the group Hillen, every Wednesday morning with Biden's director of faith leaders and we're API group and we're starting. Planning for a series of town halls for API. Christian leaders. To you know on various topics, mental health economy immigration. So, they're all these little pockets of things happening and. A lot of times. We don't know about each other and what we're doing, and so definitely we know more I'll definitely pass along some information so you can cross. Promote it but we need to help people wake up to see what's really happening where things have been going and that we can make a difference. So you are difference maker. Thank you so very much for all that you do in such distant land. I'm just amazed by who you are and what you're able to accomplish is given those limitations. I think your someone to keep an eye on I think maybe even running for office is in your future someday I wouldn't be surprised I would be one of your big backers. But in the meantime, keep doing what you're doing. Bless you for that. Thank you for that and. We will get the word out on what this podcast is. All about right. Thank you so much can in the last thing I want to plug you WANNA. Plug is if you have not registered to vote please if you have not registered to vote freeze request your ballot and ice status as a voter abroad where we have a lot of challenges getting our ballots back. Checkout which of your states there's around twenty five or twenty six states that still to this point you have to mail in your ballot, you can't email it right A challenge for a lot of abroad voters So my word to people who are back in the states check your keep updated about the rules.

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