John, Kansas, President Trump discussed on Chad Benson Show


Ago after the first lady first along anyway see what happens both no doubt about back at the rumor mill is swirling around that could end up only property out here but we have not been able to confirmed that so we show st so we're on recognize went nowhere on record here on how talk we are behind that's gobs told him they were behind you against you know and well see going up against john alright somewhat and jenny way to we you know was sort of a compile grave both that that you know that you know good friends all three against white is kansas put me you know i don't was pretty well you know now than you know what because i like quite until i i'm a big whitey there any little side wagers that happened between what will always lots of if this were among nl model i feel really good about it or five man these yeah you know we have to be and you're pros go workout well you know we'll see what happens with good solid good cause some so much charities going to get ten graham of a matter who wins who are you very for let me tell you about your hit five thirty and if your local through news growing roundup you know there's a lotta work of the story force thirty people avalanche count were rest in what they're calling off the rationed and more i like that with check that out again we've got the latest president obama coming if you high school pitcher headed to president elect you can drop the electorate soup donald trump inaugural on friday in the on ice you've got a number of kids going katie wagner's.

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