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He wants to the sacramental kings he went and he said was traded draftday deal ugly all right sweet that's what happened air giles man i'll tell you he going to look back at that you know five years from now be like then the league needs a new harry you know there aren't enough harry's it's an excellent point thank who is the last terry i can't think of one there was a harold harold minor the eddie jordan terry minor wouldn't of beds it was the last of the last mba actually trying to think of now not in this segment until we find the less ilya here i was gonna say i'm trying to fake not just an average player but a superstar player named harry in any sport because it's harry douglas in the nfl but is there a is there a superstar harry to have ever played in any sport ever are there any harry hall of famers uh harry carson in the nfl lawrenson looking in the nba then via nba players named harry gula nba players inheritied one area and you're saying a haroldo the gout harry's of weird neighbor yeah were is hank uh a nickname for harry henry henry right ty above famous people named harry let me see if i harry giles is the first nba herri since nine teen eighty or all we know last one was harry davis he last played for the san antonio spurs and he was good name is harry's out there though and other harry should be this the short name for herald.

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