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Physicians are not employees or agents of this hospital. Good Friday evening. It's 11 48 means it is time for traffic and weather together on the age to Ian Crawford in the GOP traffic, So let's update our crash activity 66 westbound just before the work zone that you will find on 66 After 1 23 1st thing you do, we'll find the crash activity over on the land side. You're going to get by it single found with right very, very gingerly as it looks like we might have some tow truck activity passing through the area as well unclear with this related to them. But once you're past the crash activity over on as you get by single file to the right, then you need to shift over to the left a single file to get past the work zone that will carry you all the way to route 50. So start off on the right head over to the left, and then you're back in the clear after you get past six and 57. He's bound. The work begins around the Manassas Rest area or right after that point, heading toward 29 Centerville with right leg getting by single file eastbound 66, near Pharaoh of Sex and 57 2 left lanes Get by that work and then inside the Beltway. The work is going to be after 29 Washington Boulevard that also single left to get by BW Parkway. North bound traffic once again diverted into memorial circle to get by the ongoing work, Ben Chief, the Arlington Memorial Bridge on the G W Parkway in Centerville, 29. Both directions through actually traveling beneath I 66 through Centerville, You're going to be alternating traffic single file through that works on all night long Bellway travel remains quiet. They never did find the crash activity reported on the Maryland Beltway on the inter loop after Old Georgetown Road earlier crash activity. 95 sound pound after 2 12 that has now gone so now as you travel between the Bell weighs on both 95 the B W Parkway, No reported. Hes protect your home from the invisible destroyer Termites call home Paramount Pest Control for a free inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. I'm Ian Crawford. W T o p traffic and thank you. Now, let's get your weekend forecast. Here's NBC for his dead camera team for tracking some rain across the area on radar. Most of it's on the light side, and that's gonna be the case through most of our overnight hours. Right.

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