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Points. Where is D.C.'s most instagrammable food? I'm Jeff claypool. It's 1218. To the traffic center and Rita Kessler. Now checking the trip to the bay bridge eastbound 50s is slow, out of parole, near four 50 headed across the southern river bridge pass route two, but that it looks good to the bay bridge, the westbound span of the bridge is running two way traffic, so three lanes east bound two lanes westbound getting across the bridge. On the Baltimore Washington Parkway, we have delay southbound from one 75 to 32, then delays in both directions headed toward powder mill road, the mobile work crew had been southbound doing some tree removal, taking the right lane, southbound 95 a little heavy after the ICC toward two 12 where there had been a report of Iraq and southbound three 55 near congressional lane, is a report of a crash. If you're in the district outbound New York avenue after bladensburg road the earlier rec was along the right side, southbound D.C. two 95, heavy before bening past these capital street, northbound slows off the 11th street bridge passing Pennsylvania avenue, the westbound freeway delays from the third street tunnel crossing the case bridge, inbound on the 14th street bridge delays begin on northbound three 95, headed on to the bridge. We are seeing delays along canal road outbound canal road very heavy toward Arizona, the light at canal in Arizona is reportedly still dark with no one directing traffic so you need to treat that as a four way stop, but that's going to be the reason for the backup. Outer loop of the beltway still a little heavy approaching and passing river road, but the crash was reportedly over on the shoulder, interlude a little heavy toward the legion bridge, but not back as far as the toll road looks like that work crew has cleared. But 95 in Virginia, if you're in the northbound direction delays back near route one in Pennsylvania headed pass route three in Fredericksburg, the wreck had been moved over to the shoulder, but watch for any tow trucks on the scenes that delay looks like it's back and again and solid while southbound 95 slows crossing the Anka Kwan. Then you're going to find the delay from the Prince William Parkway, off and on in stretches into Fredericksburg with the lanes open. I read a Kessler WTO P traffic. The forecast now from storm team fours, chuck bell. This hot humid and stormy pattern is going to stay with us for

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