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I mean i don't know he's going to tarnish roy moore's brand for sure that you're not going to see him in a box anytime soon all right we have to wrap this up winter ted cruz add courtney scarfs you can reader on louder with crowdercom people stopped searching scott's right i dunno if they do or not i just see the seo result since like why are you guys listen fs apps scoffs like felony i don't even know why she would that's not healthy that that's the first place you would go like felony will be to wrap up the there you go of rape three frisk franken there it is again so strong sure sure sure morrow alone but realistic i call my first witness to the stand mr harry line as you can see your honour laden's and one of the jury mr lime has to be wheeled to the witness stand today why is that mr life i slept on i'm matched boxcar flip in a matchbox car crushing your cervical spine of who put that match card there was best guy rauner police records show that my client aimed his nub at mr kevin mcallister mr harry lime why don't you tell the jury what your current processes like eating breakfast and here they drink i would think cherish cia he has to drink everything through a straw because a horrible disfigurement you see before you are caused by third degree burns by my client being blow torched by mr kevin mcallister premeditated lee and mercilessly on both the head and face twice and mr her line for the jury to reiterate how did that occur twice clever cat and lazy right eight stay tuned from all alone but realistic.

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