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It is back. It's finally underway. And tonight in our next segment. We're power down just a bit. We're going to reflect on one of the game's greatest. Players the best that ever was the title of this book Mickey Mantle as we shine a spotlight on him. And we are so delighted to have back with us at his New York Times bestselling author the great Tony Castro. Good evening. Tony. Thank you for having me. What's wonderful to have you back on the program? And as we think back to Mickey Mantle one baseball's all time greats played for the Yankees his entire career when three MVP awards five hundred home runs seven times World Series champion. A lot has been written about him in the past and about Mickey Mantle. How was your book different? This is the first time evaluation of mantle has been done using favorite metrics than new analytics that are slowly taking very quickly slowly but quickly taking over baseball. Whether we like it or not that new statistics. I mean, everything that produced money ball. And what today has changed offices from coast to coast where every play office. I had an analytics expert somebody who's for lack of a better description. When you look at males through this Lynn. Several analysts and a couple of of Harvard professors that have quote in the book wind up putting mantle closer than me of the people would ever thought based find some of these critics like war, you know, the wins above replacement and some of the other things that come in and are still important nowadays at this evaluation of mantle based upon this tally new light on him. That makes the the old adage that well, you know, making have been really one of the two greats had it not been for his entries that has bad legs. But even with those he's so close to Babe Ruth, according to John boy prince that's the historian of the baseball hall of fame. That's interesting. Hey, the title of the book is mantle the best there ever was you can go anywhere online Amazon dot com. Get a copy we're visiting with New York Times bestselling writer, and author that is a Tony Castro. So tell. Us a little bit about as far as the research that you did for this book. And who did you interview? The book is history of the book is biology. I this is the third book I've written about mental. And it's not a cradle to the to the grave boggy. I did that in two thousand and two. And so it's hard. It's hard to memoir because I go into mantle, and and my relationship having grown up like a lot of kids in the nineteen fifties and mid century twenty fifty America he looked up to people like making mantles me because he's on television every Saturday and Sunday at that time. Actually televised. Baseball was the great Claes along with Weight Watchers have been and. You know, the whole slew of TV shows that were on in the afternoon, they're in you had TBS game of the week with making mantle York yankee's the winning team the nineteen fifties and making mantle who was the star traction was. He was the golden boy, and you know, for many of us going up at that time mental wasn't just baseball. He baseball God. He was a crisis, you know, for crying out loud. In terms of who he was what he symbolized this heroic figure an a lot's been made, you know, like, my friend. Jane Levy has written about him and called the last boy because in many ways. She liked about it. Symbolized a loss innocence in America came there after the sixty you know, with all the craziness that happened nationally in the sixteen that was never the same way. That was before that time though. Goes into the history of the nineteen fifties and sixties mantle was especially compared to someone like nothing wrong with white out. I've been allies in general a solid president. But that was the fifty it was into this. You had this ROY figure like Mickey Mantle who was on the cover of magazines on the front page of all the seven eight newspapers that existed in New York at that time just a a figure that if. Somebody who what's about mantle if he hadn't been born. He would have had been made up. Joe Paluku, you know, a petition character who unfortunately for his was very real and living the life of a hero at that time was very difficult time for you. He on the field. No one could touch him. In many respects off the field like many, he what was he was. So he had his laws. Hey, we're so glad you're with us tonight SP nation radio the biggie sport show, we are taking time to power down a bit and shine a spotlight on a brand new book mantle the best there ever was. We are. So to have back with us. It is Tony Castro. New York Times bestselling author has produced another beauty. It is a compelling read. No doubt about it. And I wanted to ask you, you know, when we think about how you structure this book so much information about Mickey Mantle. How did you blend the private the public side together? So we could understand the just how complex and such an extraordinary athlete that Mickey Mantle was. Some of it through the eyes of his his widow. His longtime of Merlin what happened in no back in nineteen seventy nineteen seventy I was youngest report. I just come out of Baylor person, you had grown up in Texas mantle was in a second year of time if they're in Dallas, and our pads Qualls, I go into the book about how that happened to be golf about things and. It's sort of put the human touch on this will Matic vision that I had of my childhood hero. And not that there's anything wrong with doing that. Sometimes it just brings you into reality and studying mantle over the years and touching base with with him over the years. And then again, you know, everybody is where you know after retirement he had a difficult time with alcoholism. It was tragic. It led to his early demise and death in nineteen ninety five and. So and researching a lot of was based off of these conversations that I had with with Mickey and some with Maryland conversations with different players who played with and against Mickey Mantle during his lifetime. And you're doing his playtime and friends who knew him one in particular elating, Holly book who all mantle boggled per. I know when I was working on my Mickey Mantle Agassi Mickey Mantle America's prodigal, son. Tried to find this lady I was convinced she was dead because no one could find her. Mickey Mantle school was a rookie in nineteen fifty one and every battle book that it ever been witting just pass it to maybe long pound graphically. But. Late. Holly brook was mentioned has this older woman the showgirl broad like who had become mental school. And I thought well, you know, it would have been nice to found behold after that several years after my mantle book came out her family got in touch with and introduced me to it. I spent the better part of about five years talking to almost every day. Just about them about that time about things that went on. And it turned out that she had been she was with mammal even after he was married. She lived in New York, and she was with Mickey until the early sixties when you make these sixty four Mantle's last year that being her last year within she after that, she married a Broadway producer, she bugged up doing quite well lives did live. She died at the age of ninety four year ago, and she had a fabulous apartment above parka. College. Their New York so visiting was harassed empty. These stories of what metal was like in nineteen fifty one in what he was like other times, put it into perspective. And the thing she often or anything else. Mickey uncertainty about stuff Mickey. You know, we all suffer through all these things feeling like we don't belong. We don't matter. But to find out that, you know, even after he had won a triple crown in nineteen fifty six had doubts about his worth as a baseball player. Hit out to the man. Even after nineteen sixty one team watching her fabulous. Chase of Babe Ruth. That good. Nikki still wonder well, you know, I still haven't proven though. And perspective into the book comes from the mantle from from his devoted wife. They never divorced anything mantle. He's a womanizer and he was a drinker on top of that. Was the good old boy in many respects, you know, for the period that he lived. I'm not advocating that that's what people should be like saying, that's what he was like. And that's what many of his admirers mucked about making metal could be do things that the rest of couldn't cookies mantle the best. There ever was we were visiting with Tony Castro New York Times bestselling author, and we are flat out of time so much more that I would love to get into. And we talk about Mickey Mantle just wondering was he ever comfortable being a role model? So we will extend this invitation once again, and let's talk here in the next few weeks. Thank you so much. Tony, congratulations. Thank you so much much more coming your way right here. SP nation radio. Warning. If you're drowning in debt you can't afford, do not let the credit card companies trick you into thinking that you have to pay it all back because you don't what the credit card companies don't want you.

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