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This episode brought up a lot of emotions for me and the episodes a little bit more of a grounded energy i know you usually get the really hyper very vibrant angie but this episodes a little bit more of a grounded energy so this is perfect for a long drive along walk breeze the host of the shadow light podcast at in this episode we dive into my super vulnerable story about my first panic attack full transparency i actually haven't shared this yet with anyone publicly so here it goes to thousands of people but i'm owning authenticity and i'm owning that my mission moving forward with my personal brand is to really really be real and this is part of that process and i also want to shed light on mental health and take away that stigma and for you to know that you're not alone if you're listening to this and you've dealt with exiled or depression i want you to know that you're not alone and what happened to kate spade last week really really touched me and it made me realize that you could have all the money and success and choices in the world and still not be fulfilled and still not be hoppy and that needs to be discussed and this mask of perfection female entrepreneurs needs to be just ripped off and your happiness comes before anything any ringing money followers any of that bull crap it comes before all of that your happiness and your film it's and taking care of you comes a for all of that so i hope you love this episode i hope it inspires you to make your own damn rules and to live the most incredible happy life that you want to live not someone else's definition of happy but your definition of happy and as always if you love this episode and you found it helpful let me know send me a dm say hello i love saint hide you i love getting to know you guys you're my fam you're like my sister's you're my community you're my tribe you're the most bad ass listeners and i appreciate you and when you love an episode it helps me to know what type of content you want me to create because my mission with the show is forever going to be to.

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