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Have some eight fifty microphones in the Oval Office Well. The the military parade. Which, he is enamored with this entire idea it's been, well it's not scrapped that's not the right word to God it's being. Postponed though basically Pentagon says? The parade that was slated. For November but. That wasn't like wasn't, written in pan. In the Oval Office calendar. You know what I mean it was like racist pencil It was. Never definite, well now it's going to happen sometime next year, they say but they're much more solid on the plans, to put this off 'til later it. There's nothing becomes after reports the. Estimated, cost at the parade had ballooned to ninety two million dollars this is, what NBC, came out with understand something nobody in the Pentagon is confirming that. Number in fact. I think it. Was General Mattis said yesterday goes I. Don't know where they. Got, that that that's no it was never gonna cost, that much we never would have done it yeah so I don't know. Where the heck ninety two? Million dollars came from but Got to be on that. Million dollars more than originally estimated. Adult. Tag on eighty million dollars it's like did they create new streets in, DC They're going to start building the tanks Yeah no I think that's. Fake. News numbers are really do ninety can't it can't make it doesn't make any sense because you're talking, about Trump who, wants everything done. On not that cheap but very streamlined Deal on that one I didn't know the. Listened okay we're going to build the tanks Home. Depot in the. Weekend Mike put, on the pompoms you lead. This thing Mike, beds, everybody's what. Vote thank you know he never would have agreed to that so I don't. Know where, they're getting that number I. Really don't? I think, that's I think that's fake news in the meantime, big big number this. Kind of surprised me going into the. World, of Hollywood for a second I'm like this affects your daily, life who cares you know she doesn't affect your not to. Pay your bills. But Scarlett, Johansson, scar, Joe hate when they do those. Nicknames. Yeah you know what's even worse schedule the I love her too but. The relationship names bringeth Alina or whatever they. Call down that's even worse but anyway scourge, oh she's this year's highest paid actress really this is how, much. She. Made, in one year forty. Million dollars Forbes this is the. Only. Reason why it's. News Forbes came out with its annual list yesterday majority of her earnings comes from, her role as, black widow Jeff From. That role, it's, about, ten to one in her career. Earnings. This is why it's a coveted position to be marvel superhero or villain. As a matter either way this is why. These people want these jobs oh yeah I, mean then you could hang on for like eighteen thousand movies, yours That keeps firing directors you never know you. Know the the James Gunn thing he's not coming back anytime. Soon I don't think so anyway so. I don't know we will find out I gotta. Jump back to Aretha Franklin for one quick second and I know that you know this is like. This is a story that's already gone away. She, she. Had a, bit of a beef with Patti LaBelle I never knew, about She she she, head up ahead to apologize for her a while ago for using her image and some different full screen graphics and. Different things that she could use to promote different but it got through. Publicists and a record company and they hate a beef there I. Never even knew I. Always thought they were like. Best friends, Patti LaBelle deal and, yeah I I know idea I did not know I had? No. Idea about, that and there was another thing we will have this. Coming up a little bit later on earlier on to the, week, we talked to, Howard Kremer for the, rock and Roll Hall of fame he had. Some amazing little insights about Aretha Franklin to talk about I had no idea she was afraid of flying? It's, funny like doing the. Research like some. Of this stuff like you just didn't. Pop up no I mean it's. A little bit random a, little factoid like that. And then you think. About a career that was like Paul she she came out, she was a teenager so this, is like a sixty year career so that long travelling the. Country not being able to fly or are when you do. Fly was torturous yeah That would. Be awful so we'll we're. Going to, grab some of those, cuts from our Howard Kremer interview and you could check out? The. Whole thing, right now at eight fifty w. f. t. l. dot. Com but some of those factories about Aretha we've got coming, up, next but this, may seriously affect Bill, Nelson running against Rick Scott to defend his. Senate seat he might be in some trouble with Florida elections officials will tell you why next keep it? Here.

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