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To move and was therefore unconstitutionally cruel. Nelson is set for a lethal injection and Terra Haute. Next Friday. The 1999 rape and murder of a 10 year old Kansas girl two decades cold case heating up with an arrest in Arizona. It's an arrest 20 years in the making right now he has been indicted for second degree murder. Maricopa County Attorney Alistair Riddell announcing charges against 72 year old Michael attorney comes nearly two decades after the disappearance. Of his step daughter, Elissa, attorney at the time, Melissa was reported as a runaway by her stepfather, But investigators eventually develop further information that led them to believe she was a victim of foul play. The case gained online attention after Elissa sister Sara shared her story on a podcast and using the AB Tic tac. Eliza's body was never found. Tom Graham. Fox News, Jack Callahan. This's Fox News Wcbm Baltimore from thunderstorms and clouds remain in the overnight hours, says the overnight low dips to about 70 waking up tomorrow to start the weekend clouds thunderstorms likely, though, during the afternoon hours and high five by Sunday partly cloudy again chance of a straight thunderstorm. Open up to about 92 Monday. As we start the week makes the sunshine and flowers look for high about 92 was dropped to the lower seventies. Sonny on Tuesday in 92 Rocks of the Weather Channel six PM Broadcasting from the Wcbm safe Retirement Solution. Studios called Rod Borowy for 10266 11 20 safe retirement solutions dot com. Why list a home with an agent and hope it'll sell.

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