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To work with the did a horrible job obviously is presentation was way off but that's okay it didn't matter the president claimed it was a very big day for the Republican Party analysis now from Matt Colby act president of Potomac strategy group in the GOP consultants Matt how do you see it and Democrats already regret having done this hearing from their stay employed the only question that matters is whether this hearing down the field in terms of getting an impeachment inquiry where you can watch us to believe that impeachment is more necessary or has broader support among the public they're just another way to look at it that way I don't really understand the point of this hearing there there was not one you if you read the words or even the redacted version or if you even pay close attention the store there are no new pacts Mahler and sell as much as I hate to say it again I truly think he's a patriotic person and a certain country well I think he really did not demonstrate knowledge of his investigation and understanding of his records releasing to be in charge of his investigative team so from my standpoint I just don't see the point of this hearing I mean Democrats were quite literally reading passages on the road to lower and asking him if that was what the report said goal appears to have been to take a written product and try to you know converted into a visual medium and and you didn't use that for their own purposes perhaps educate more people about what the report said I don't see the big accomplish that goes back I think the case for impeachment took several steps back speak with Matt Michael B. act president of Potomac strategy group also hosts a podcast called mac on politics or talk about the molar testimony on Wednesday why is it I I know a lot of people have said this why did Mister Muller seem to be on aware of his own report at times what's that about it's a great question yeah I don't know the answer he's obviously been through thank you rolling months he's not a young man named served the country said the military certainly government ID maybe just slowing down all the other possibility which is is not mutually exclusive as some of the team and yeah his repentance and his investigators as prosecutors a lot of room to maneuver and and read different areas and come to conclusions I mean if you watch that hearing you know do you have any confidence that mall road is on report or even really knows much about what's in it I it's hard and take that conclusion and honestly but for this hearing I think most people probably thought he was in control and that he would deserve the right to lead this medication given his record the thing to me what's really striking here as this all could have been avoided no press conference a month ago or six weeks ago and said I don't want to testify my report is my testimony if I'm asked that the five I'm subpoenaed I'm not gonna outside the report he was basically sending a signal to Democrats who were so interested in having him testify that this is not going to be good for you and they decided not to he would advise on that side push forward and the net result of this again is the Democrats are trying to move public opinion the direction of impeachment but they were trying to get married well beyond the four corners report will jailed if they were trying to move towards impeachment and make the political case that according to the gentle failed and so now I think the one that matters now our lives the I. G. that beat us our generals is complaining which is going to go into areas that mall refused to talk about the origins of the investigation FISA warrants the accuracy and the guy with the together that is going to be another she was gonna drop and I think it's going to undermine the mother report and investigation when its released next at three four five weeks ice I read something that said Jerry Nadler could be in trouble now as chair of the house Judiciary Committee because it looks like he might not to be able to deliver let's say I'd be anything more concrete or perhaps an impeachment what's your sense on that yeah it's a good question because Nadler has actually been more aggressive the more sordid and I'm believing it's time to go over the page and then this is bad speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of leadership is kind of gone beyond and I'm sure that some of the other committee chairs and the speaker have gone out of their insurance medical just a couple days ago about how folks on the last and Democratic Party in the dates are really deeply frustrated that the oversight and investigations the Democrats are leading are really going no where honestly this is what's so interesting about the position hello Suzanne she may actually need to begin the training course if you don't access to witnesses and she's been unable to get access to the documents thanks Matt meant Kobe act president of Potomac strategy group fifteen minutes now after the.

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