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While cat i just throwing a loyal fula work at slip goldie hawn as lowly morale area is in a url coach and a young woody harrelson as kush and cki gillaibrand christian ski she's track if you'll coccia but her hurled may and brain i he was he was a big time football coach and she always wanted to be dislike or danny and coach football so and then when the job became a available she hop dash through a hat in the ring in the higher you find out later why but day they give it a job and she's just she's goldie hawn she's at the height the goldie hawn this is a nineteen holdings and dirty by michael ritchie who also did cool runnings flashinthe the golden child so you can imagine what we've never seen this now at and she goes in his locker room and then of course as could inner city like troubled you so us love level school is high schools of oba and you know is she's like you know it's it's all inner city kids in they're all again are bad as as they think the principal member the principle sure who lugansk junior right yes of our single lean on me but yes think then there was one would samuel jackson to there's two movies about like bad ask teachers principles i think about that so all of michelle pfeiffer are dangerous maya dangerous might sagacious bannon most already nasserdine song be unto news by died imagine that school rate and and goldie hawn being goldie hawn coverage as a football coach puts you so sweet in herkie made in goldie hawn and i got her peak and you know that much like you brian everyone's like fought this bitch interesting and i feel like eyes do not buy into her eye happygolucky it all positive attitude everything's everything you can do better but it's night than a goldie hawn way she's got that patten and way about herself so she's not coming off at the church later your annoying she just sweet and not even innocent is not even like pollyannaish she's just you know she's trudeau herself unchanged like all you can development and turns out that they like when i said like you in through attrition iis the way down yeah wait out of the nab shia ends up one in them all over.

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