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He's unknown here in america but in pretty much all throughout europe in the middle east. He's extremely well known. These studies that we're gonna talk about before the t- lamar clinical study Have been conducted at these various institutions. the off military medical academy which would be somewhat similar to west point and so forth. But it's a male military academy and so forth The background studies for telomeres and dna. Methylation apart from the current ones have been done in conjunction with national institute of aging here in the usa Italian facilities germany Spain and so forth belgium france and other so it isn't that the russians are secretly over there doing this science and so forth they jointly do the clinical studies that have been going on since really thousand nine hundred seventy with a with a bunch of institutions and i'll give some background here This is professor. Kevin receiving a russia's highest civilian award and Professor kevin ten is my direct boss. He's receiving the award for his forty to fifty years of service to the russian people. I in the military and that's his boss Standing next to him. And i can't say that i've ever seen his boss in the clinic But i see his physician there. On a regular basis carting out peptides acid chorus yup and president putin has a real interest in being healthy as we all know so so what kevin is saying here is that that peptides are going to be the far surpass drugs as a pharmaceutical intervention. And i'll explain a little bit more. And he saying ten to fifteen years he said the two years ago. It's actually happening now. And part of the reason for that. Is that the peptides that the russians have developed unlike drugs have no adverse qualities no adverse events and so forth because the ones that we use In the studies. I'll show you are derived from animals and we'll go. We'll go through that in a moment and if they work safe i can guarantee you. Let's see her. I can guarantee you. That professor cabins than i would probably be doing. A bit of coal mining and siberia. Yeah right Putin is not very tolerant. of failure now now for sure not unlike america that has these golden parachutes for ceos who destroyed their companies and he gets paid millions of two different system. Anyway so this is. This is the accepted paradigm All over the world in medical science. And basically you know in in people's minds. This is how people age okay. Well we're determined to change that and that's what these studies are showing and really. I'm just gonna stop there for a second. The folio that dr lawrence has just shown is really the progression of age. How we physically look. And it's commonly known that you know our skin sags..

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