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So that was his impressing that and saying, hey, let's give it with the string arrangement. Works out. Great. Thank you played the song in the style of Bach to show, Paul McCartney. The voice things that were available. Another example. How about the song penny lane? Featured a Piccolo trumpet solo that was requested by McCartney after hearing the instrument on a BBC broadcast. Mccartney hummed, the melody that he wanted and Martin noted it and excuse me notating it for for day. Mason great day. Mason. But not that Dave Mason, by the way. It's a different day. Mason. Not. We just disagree. They mason. He was the classically trained trumpeter. So when you listen to that song, of course, we know. Course, that's how you know the song. Now, what would it be without that? I mean, Martin's work as an arranger us from any Beatles recordings Eleanor Rigby. He scored and conducted a strings only accompaniment inspired by Bernard Hermann. I mean, just the list goes on and on so happy birthday to the great George Martin again. Born in this day nine hundred twenty six and we lost him in twenty sixteen Casey's and elk grove joining the show. Hi, casey. Hi and happy new year. Glad to have your back. Happy new year. Casey. It's great to be back. Thank you. While you were talking about British music. It it reminded me of Katrina and the waves. And you're the person to ask the question. This question is not designed to trip you up. Okay. All right. Katrina and the waves as website. How do you pronounce her last name? Oh, it starts with an L. It's like Elian something. And you would be the person to ask because 'cause you're usually a very very good. You're always a good trip. This is not a trivial thing. But it's like how do you pronounce her last name? Well, I'll tell you this much, and I'll be completely honest with you. It's it's less.

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