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To to have a good year. And so i think those pants that of set in when guys realize like the back of their baseball card point twenty was not going to be were they expect and so the last year is a really hard mental year. That reason and i also think it was just a really short sample. And so i think we have to do a good job of remembering that what we just saw it was real but it also was very short and you know we can't talk about small samples and talk about not reading too much into small samples on one hand and on the other hand over value. What we just saw in twenty twenty. And i think this is something we have to remember every single day. It was a very unusual season and speaking of that too. So now you have these teams that are knowing that there's possible. I don't even know what the right word is transition mode or or whatever it is or now these teams are like sharks in the water. And they're like well we want this player but he didn't have a good year in twenty twenty. It's like cool. But he's still an all-star he's still mvp he's still a really great player. How do you navigate dot with other teams and dealing with that. Yeah i mean. I think we have to remember we. We know what those players are. Lost these guys some sailor in the minor leagues in the draft. And i think that we've seen them perform over years. And i think with with all of the guys that we had that struggled you know. They've had sixty game schedule sections of their of their seasons where they struggle like this but they also have more time to make up for it. So i think this is going to be the nature of of Of twenty twenty one. I think it will be players that had down years last year. That bounce back and people are going to be surprised that they bounced back or they're going to call it a bounceback season and in reality they're not gonna give enough weight to the fact that twenty twenty one A representative amount of innings or plate. Appearances so. I just think we have to remember that. What we saw was a was a season But it wasn't a normal season. There's a reason we play all summer long because there's a lot of luck involved in baseball. There's a lot of ups and downs and we played for six months for a reason. We play every day for a reason and we didn't do that. We just forget that That reason that we play every day is because a small sample doesn't really work in baseball. Yeah well whatever happens. I know you're gonna you know. Do all the hard work that needs to be done to continue to make the cubs success like they are. Thanks so much. For stopping. By off the mound. Best everything this holiday season to you in maryland and the kids. I know this time of year when you have little kids. It's crazy. they're they're running on sugar and and the adrenaline of The big guy come and so you know best of luck. Thanks thanks for coming off. The mound could couldn't say thanks enough depth. I enjoyed it. I'll talk to you soon. Have a great christmas well as you. You can see folks the cubs. They're in good hands with that man right there. So great to catch up the jed hoyer to hear more conversations like the one you just heard. Please download and subscribe to the mound with line. Dempster podcast on apple podcasts. Or spotify and it's all presented by our good friends at sloan behalf. Everyone here it off. The mound have a very happy holiday season..

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