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About a wiping out the human race allen iverson artificial intelligence former you could supplement your natural intelligence with a little some of the artificial stuff wouldn't that be something be like getting more ram for your laptop are we going to be able to i don't know because i'm dumb jets concern about artificial intelligence let me just say i now again i'd love your little allen iverson is fabulous wiping out the human race is right to your concern is right it will wipe out the emirates but for the wrong reason okay a is not going to develop consciousness and suddenly turn on humans more likely is that we humans fail to program are commonly held values as constraints or failed to do it properly for example in working on my transportation problem a starts adding in fierce weapons systems to blast away those pesky other drivers until i say oh yeah i forgot to mention don't hurt people or destroy property because it's just trying to solve a problem right how do we make add transportation more efficient by killing slow people in the left and kale kale ahmaz care al rai oh boy and i'd refined with a little of that wow meanwhile still morceli a force for good here's a story one about aip outperforming humans in diagnosing alzheimer's from brain scans here's another one baht early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy a leading cause of blindness by the way if you chose radiologist as a profession most likely to be displaced by step forward to collect your prize still and this is the phrase of the day still us meet bags are not out of tricks me back i word of the year human beings are meet bags there is a thing called an adversarial image we can be which can be used to.

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