FBI, National Guardsmen, Washington D C discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


A major security threat and we are working to mitigate those threats, along with D. C of most concern state houses in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The FBI also mourning the right wing radical See the January 6 capital assault as a success, and now different groups are coordinated. ABC News has learned that the FBI is tracking two men who were part of last week's capital mob, who are allegedly planning to come back for another attack on the nation's capital. On inauguration Day. One suspect from North Carolina was allegedly observed loading ammunition boxes and was in possession of semiautomatic rifles, explosives. Gas mask and bulletproof equipment. 20,000 National Guardsmen will be on duty for the inauguration, and security is empt up at D. C s airports and hotels. Airbnb canceling reservations in D. C for inauguration week. We have asked Americans not to come to the Washington D C event and now new details about just how serious Law enforcement officials say the ongoing threats are Cleveland, married of who was arrested by authorities in D C last week allegedly sent text messages threatening to execute House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and D. C. Mayor Bowser. According to prosecutors, MEREDITH was found with multiple firearms and more than 2500 rounds of ammunition. The FBI's under incredible pressure monitoring scores of suspects as we head down the stretch to the inauguration in the time just before the election. Until now, there have been 18 suspects arrested and charged for allegedly plotting to kill or kidnap democratic leaders. And their supporters come motives time. 8 50.

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