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A little bit better because he earlier crash 495 northbound in wrentham has been cleared all lanes have been opened that's a truck that went off the road its side but the delays are still they're a very long josh from 140 all the way up there and rather than be talking about eight miles of backed up traffic on 495 ninety five northbound still slow getting to route four ninety five north of that you're heavy coming up from just about county street to 120 the eight route twenty forty element delays of its own from arison boulevard up to one 28 128's southbound stalls out shortly after 2008 data the split in braintree and now on the northbound side it's tied up in the split up to a crash just before route ninety five you get a little bit of running room then you read it again from route one all the way up to route 9 where we have a crash cleared near well the mass turnpike's tied up route nine all the way into the supermarket shortly after that you'll start to slow down again around newton corner that's going to keep you busy to all stood westbound's a little bit slow by newton quarter as well we made a lot of progress or they've made a lot of progress and chris the next me talking about it from the lot pray insurance copper 95 but chris this is up on ninety five b tweet real one at one twenty david e we had a gravel holler the smash through the guardrail for the southbound side into the northbound lanes law highway all right before six o'clock this morning the truck at a vehicle that struck at our god but they're still fixing the guardrail two lanes take it northbound what lay the far left lanes closed on the southbound side crested after the offer insurance copter long delays up in 495 southbound getting to 93 and 93 slow from one ten down past one 25 next update's at 823 wbz's traffic on the 3s day wbz news time eight fifteen time.

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