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Truck. My wife said, I couldn't buy one left to talk to you, Clark, Woman, straight talk and honest answers about everything automotive with Jerry Reynolds. The car throw your trusty sidekick there, too, and his trusty sidekick Kevin McCarty. Here this weekend. Welcome to the car Pro Show Jerry Reynolds is the car pro. Hello, Jerry. And no matter what kind of vehicle you're looking for, he can help you. You're spending $75,000 on the car. I wouldn't let reset about you be a consideration. They're all gonna be fine. Resell wise, get the one that you like. Get the one you want that matter for cars got a good resale value If you don't like it, the car for a show with Jerry Reynolds straight talk and honest answers about everything I devoted Right here this weekend. Exactly. Morning at 11 a news radio 1200 Wook, I Your 10,000 steps should have parked closer. You are 32 miles to work and be late again your eight glasses of water because it must come out right? Bob's life is filled with many numbers, but just remember one of them. 1200. You're one place for reliable information You use every day. The upstate information. It's affected me on my day to day, seven days a week. Count on one station Use radio 1200 W away. I Okay? Joining me on a journey we're getting lost is the only.

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