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The radio dot com app with sports at sixteen and forty six in your home for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WBBM news time one eighteen traffic and weather together on the H. here's Julie krone snow delays inbound or outbound on the Eaton's the Eden spur just a slight delay in either direction as they go through the road construction the Kennedy inbound looks great outbound downtown to Montrose ten out to the airport is twenty the Eisenhower coming inbound that is clear out bound to three ninety going to run you a twenty nine minutes the Stevenson inbound looks good on the right lane is closed with partial ramp closures from First Avenue to Harlem until five o'clock this morning also the exit to slow the southbound damn Ryan is closed until five this morning outbound two three for the five is thirty minutes and the damn right now about the crash at the sky weighing in the locals has been cleaned up ninety fifth street to downtown fifteen outbound is looking good I fifty seven the bishop four lake shore drive no delays tristate north and southbound so far is moving along pretty well no delay a is on the Jane Addams Ronald Reagan veterans memorial tollway and on I eighty and I eighty ninety four year delay free no delays also on ninety four sixty five and the Indiana toll road and Chicago sky where moving along great CTA blue line trains now after four o'clock this morning trains in both directions are going to operate on the same track between Clark lake and Damon so that you could have some minor delays next traffic report at one twenty eight on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather forecast early this morning partial clearing turning cooler a low of thirty three later today.

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