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Sell good number eight is the four hundred blows by Francois Truffaut. High also had the poster in my college dorm room. Do you get extra points for that? Because I gotta go back through the lake. Number seven is eight and a half by Rodrico Fellini. I number six is persona by Ingmar. Bergman. I five is the rules of the game by John Renoir. Number four is Russia Mon by Akira Kurosawa? Number three is Tokyo story by ozo-. I haven't watched it. How we've talked about those cool things they do at New York Film festival where like a modern day luminary filmmaker comes and talks about films that influence them. Jim Jarmusch at the one. I went to listed this film as one of his still on my list. But now, we're like shamed. We all have to watch Tokyo story by like next week. I'm generally shaving by this entire brasses. Number two is bicycle thieves. Number one is seven samurai. I. I don't think I've seen it. Now that's a four hour in a lot of. But there's so much samurai action. Yeah. It's so good. I know seen the magnificent seven the remake not there. Yeah. Denzel Washington won in the one from the sixties which any sleep. So what are you guys favorite just around this out? What are you guys favorite for films? Actually breathless is not my favorite good Dr weekend, two or three things I know about her in praise of love breathless is the canonical title. So I could see why it would be there. But I wouldn't have selected that from him. For instance. I think pure food my favorite. Yeah. That's good as well. From that time period, there were sixty seven filmmakers on the list. So there must be multiple titles from almost half of them. So I bet there's more than there. You know? Like, if we went further up on the list, you get to like, your mother Toro, and like pants labyrinth is on there. So like a lot of them are more contemporary. It's just like the classics are, of course in the top twenty. So. Yeah. We have more Bergman on Bergman, persona persona. Not seven seal. I'm surprised. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Love these films are really classic to Johnny. We're seeing those more contemporary ones higher up on the list. I I would say generally that like the cinema scene from Israel in the last twenty years has totally lead only say blown up. It's a bad bed words for Israel. But it has been burgeoning a lot of the shows we like here in the US come from Israeli show is so I would definitely recommend people. Check out some Isreaeli cinema. Any anyone film in particular or nothing coming directly to mind, but I would say generally, I haven't seen like a bad movie out of Israel in the last decade, and there's been a lot. But I think super Indy wise to mama tambien is probably my favorite. I was gonna say I'm shocked by the lack of like Mexican and Latin American presence in the surprising. But yeah, it's done said, I guess like higher like in higher numbers there are, but that's spent one of the top languages. Yeah. This is a massive undertaking. You know, like sorting out the one hundred greatest films of like. Regardless of the fact that their foreign or not it's just like this is the entire world. We're talking about it's not just America. It's and every decade like they didn't even narrow it down. Surprising. How much of the like dominant mid-century thing is still part of the top of illest. That's all it's just interesting that like a whole lot of the ones that were used to seeing there are still up there. Well, I guess that's what makes them classics. Yeah. And then I'm also conduct not see the conformist. Although I wonder what Berta Lucci made it. I'm sure there's a Berta Lucci somewhere in there. But it was kind of surprised not to see that one. I think probably right up the whole list. And while we might not have it by the time this podcast is released. It'll probably go out on Friday. So stay tuned in to that cool and speaking of voting for things you all know by now that we had election day in America this week. There were lots of races all over the country, and there's one I can pretty much guarantee. You heard nothing about, but it's actually relevant. Indie filmmakers, I'm talking about the fight over the congressional seat in west Virginia's third district a rural..

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