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Cadillac a Cadillac of Naperville resident Naperville Cadillac dot com we thank our listeners this Sunday morning for the following gas prices starting in Elmer's the shell on route eighty three and north or gases selling for two fifty six the Allen and in home what the speedway on whole state and ridges selling gas for two sixty a gallon now if you see an attractive gas price this is what you do call us at three one two four oh nine G. A. SS four oh nine four two seven seven WBBM news time six thirty eight traffic and weather together on the H. sponsored by right shield how's it look things are getting going here on the Dan Ryan the inbounds pretty heavy eighty seven to seventy nine the car fire now is taking up the three right lanes as well as staging for fire is blocking off the street that runs parallel right next to the Dan Ryan between eighty seventh in at least eighty third at the moment and it's a nineteen minute track from ninety for the downtown as building by the minutes up get to your left if you're getting through the area and we keep in my State Street because if you wanted to jump up and use that probably not up outside is moving well that's at fifteen minutes not seen any delays associated with that or anything else I leaves nineteen minutes to to look at the Kennedy juncture that's moving just fine no problems on your Kennedy twenty but it's so headed downtown in ten minutes but if the the junction locals are expressly up outside twenty to the airport Eisenhower moving at a twenty nine minute pace between three ninety in downtown to it from and I'm just a sixty minute nice easy ride Stevenson twenty but it's between the tristate and lake shore drive in or out bound and fifty five looking pretty good we're gonna see some but delay start to build right around River Road both north and south on fifty five that's because of ongoing construction taking you down to one lane with bridge work I fifty seven of the bishop for rest of the south expressways look great server lake shore drive north and southbound and without issue at all in the tristate Adams regular veterans memorial routes fifty three three ninety checking in a okay as is northwest Indiana maybe ninety four ninety four and north and south on I sixty five looking decent get bad right watch for that to a car fire three right lanes at eighty seven to just before seventy nine the slow you down a little bit of a weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM WVVA about you whether a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until one PM with showers and thunderstorms.

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