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Interestingly enough they're both the romance and science fiction so the first is well met by gen deluca and that is like a ren faire contemporary romance. And it's very it's it's gonna be good like it was just a warmed my heart in a way that very few things can And the second was the echo life by sarah gaily and it was like if you took amy's monologue from gone girl and then made it into an entire book but then made amiens like a scientist. I feel like. I'm not pitching with very well. But that's essentially what's happening and it is amazing. Just very briefly about This woman who's a scientist who does research on cloning and it turns out that her ex-husband cloned her and then married the clone to be like a better version of her as a wife. It's amazing neither of these are waie. So that's not probably the greatest but no they've been my favorite latest to reads awesome. Well tori your debut. The devil makes three comes out on august the tenth from patriot. Kids and i wanna wish you and this book all the best. Thank you so much. This has been really fun. And that does it for this week's episode wanna thank tori for joining again her debut. The devil makes three his out on august tenth from patriot. Hope you'll check that out of your check out some of the other great episodes we've had with some why in middle grade authors. I'm brooke shelley and until next time keep reading..

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