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Just into the TOP newsroom again from Alicia abelson at the producers desk tonight we're monitoring a lot of activity on Capitol Hill The house is just past that measure that allows the capital police chief to unilaterally call in the National Guard anytime there's trouble like we had almost a year ago with the capitol riot So now the capitol police chief can make that call it would mean that military members National Guard members would not be as late getting to the capital for any emergency This measure was passed just last night by the Senate and of course it now heads to President Biden for his signature Stay close to W TOP you're breaking news station Sports at 15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer Don't settle for less than a Honda And we're checking it again with rob wood fork All right Dimitri we have a new NBA king of the three pointer the warrior Steph Curry by making his second three pointer nearly midway through the first quarter has broken Ray Allen's all time record of 2973 Curry so far three of 6 from three point range in the first half the Knicks though leading 48 to 47 at the break and a really cool thing is just that every three pointer he makes from here on out as a new NBA record Now for the bad news the NBA is dealing with a COVID surge that now includes Giannis onto kumpo and James Harden for their respective teams The NFL also dealing with a big surge as ESPN's Adam Schefter reports 75 players league wide have tested positive for COVID in the last two days That is the highest two day total since the onset of the pandemic The Washington football team's COVID reserve list has reached double digits The burgundian gold added Kendall fuller and Tim settled to the list today and activated Daryl Roberts so the current tally is ten on COVID reserve for Washington now they made some roster moves to account for those losses need Orchard signed off the Green Bay Packers practice squad to rush the passers his second stint in Washington and safety Jeremy Reeves was called up from the practice squad And we already knew Logan Thomas was out for the season with a knee injury but further testing revealed that it is in fact a torn ACL so the veteran tight end will have surgery this week and hope to be back in time for the start of the 2022 season The Orioles today announced Freddy Gonzalez is moving from major league coach to bench coach Jose Hernandez said to take over the old gig rob woodwork to believe TOP sports Still ahead here on about 13 million Americans if I recall correctly got the J&J COVID vaccine and then they may have gotten a boost to recently Will you need yet another booster to be fully protected if you're in that camp We'll have the latest research coming up Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities Julianna Vita the group vice president and chief strategy adviser for public sector at Splunk says cybersecurity improvement is only partly a technology challenge Without leadership and support from the top across the entire agency I like to use the DoD because it was in the deity for 24 years and that's what I know the best If you have a strong CIO or three star or four star who's their responsibility is that the network and network protection and all of that But they don't have the support of the ones who manage the budget They will get nowhere And every agency has those there's mission owners and then there's the rest of the agency And when those mission owners are getting involved and they're finding out what value there is in leveraging data leveraging technology that's when.

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