Boston Herald, Shelly, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Morning Meeting


Herald morning meeting we've jacqueline cashman hillary shebar but morning meeting cash in virtual boston herald radio good morning and welcome i am hillary shebelle this is morning meeting on boston herald radio as well as w cr ran out in worcester would course been talking about the donald trump administration as well as we had our local attorney general more healy joining us earlier in the show and it's been a lot of good local incites in in terms of in terms of what's going on with her we have built from braintree dishonest bill who has been waiting a very long time i'll say i hear and i'm sorry i've lost mary as a bill what's going on good morning i wake however for you hillary law he'll have been built cia i'm not so much when hillary yes they you know i just want to let everybody know that this warning was the guest of the tea party now last night the but you're when toro is just fantastic there's there's there's money for everybody this is like a democrats three well ladies the republican dumb aguada even with that lewis picked up there called the kentucky senator oh what a treat paul footage feel any christmas well wherever you're not happy bill yeah yeah i mean on the owner of the other stuff is just funny i mean you know you do i don't know if you have a veteran eat plenty you know in like if they're in an uproar job or something you check check maybe to see if they beat the a wide but i guess i guess i can tell you i went to our south organization it is a good thing that you had your valiant democratic leader nancy pelosi to stand up for the people of daca because that wasn't entirely hollow and meaningless eight hours worth of whatever that that she provided bill so you can feel good about that yet he got nothing to do worried make a speech yeah shelly said israeli power which shows this year or almost all wrong we're gonna be on tonight how's the top the organisation.

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