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Is hurricane strength as we speak. We're under a warning on some islands or watch here on Oahu, but my friend, I'm taking a look at what's happening with Florence. Can you give us an update for your area? Sure. I we Florence at least right now. According national weather service is a hurricane three strength. Storm is supposed to be hurricane for. And it seems to be an entirely predictable storm is heading right for the epi center would be right at the border between north and South Carolina stormies gigantic is as big as the entire state of North Carolina. And so it would have wide ranging impacts kind of early now to indicate how severe but even us here in DC. We're going to have some some serious rain potentially flooding as a result of the storm. That's probably about two hundred miles south of us. I remember, maybe this isn't. Most recent. But I remember sandy coming ashore. And the impact and devastation was great. It was and what was worst about sandy is sandy what's supposed to hit DC. And at the last minute. It changed course. And it ran up the coast to New York. And so as all the news crews were in DC waiting for this horrible storm actually downtown Manhattan was flooding. And most of the beaches about one hundred miles of beaches in New Jersey were completely obliterated by the storm. So you know, you never know until the storm actually comes to sure exactly where it's going to hit. Well, our thoughts. We're with you man, we go through it regularly. This is yet again, another scare for us. And there's another tropical storm. That's bruins. So we're right in the middle of the season. So indeed all the best to your brother Cavanaugh was top of mind last week still is in many regards. I know that we chatted briefly about it on Thursday of last week. A few more days have passed any revelations regarding the cavenaugh hearings and his likely confirmation. I don't believe there's any more revelations per se we do have. As per usual. Susan Collins can never do anything unless he's creating a fuss. But Susan Collins Senator from Maine and even Lisa Murkowski Senator from Alaska have now said that they are uncertain about what are they going to support Kavanagh's confirmation. The good news about that is wild their votes would be welcome. They're not necessary. There's word that at least three maybe as many as four Democrats who are in red states that are up reelection. This year are likely to vote for cavenaugh. So it's gonna be you know, it's not gonna be a traditionally bipartisan vote is going to be a very partisan vote. Probably fifty four fifty five. Yes votes. But that's all you need. And so I think that's the key. They voted committee get him to the floor or go to the debate. And my guess is that he will be joining the supreme court for the term which begins on October first. Now, the one part about it too is obviously the sidebar. And the two roles one is midterm the other twenty twenty was there anything that merged out of either grandstanding more moments that were created that would have an impact on midterm elections. Chris. No, I I don't know. I know the inside the problem here the way that that Cory Booker in particular. I mean, it wasn't a serious moment. I'm laughing because you made a fool of himself. He did by pretending by pretending to be a man of principle. A man of courage man, willing to speak out in a contrived situation where he was ostensibly releasing classified documents that were in fact have been declassified, and he knew it. He created the moment himself. You have a lot of positioning going on for twenty twenty. It'd be theatrics of having paid protesters coming into the the hearing room and disrupting the hearings. I would just wonder whether anybody tuned into that who are looking at the midterms to see what would be taking over the Senate if it were to flip over to the democratic side. I don't believe the Democrats acquitted themselves very well in this hearing you mentioned and again twenty and twenty with Booker. He has indicated that he would be a candidate long with Kamala Harris from California these to my goodness gracious. It was the ultimate grandstanding. And really just taking advantage of a microphone and such an attentive situation. Chris, absolutely. And the you know, what I think is going on here is that the Democrats realized that they know they try to rattle Cavanaugh he was they were not able to do that. That really was her only play here. They recognize that cabinet is going to be confirmed that they have a very militant base that wants them to do something. And so they did this these cheap. Theatrics in an attempt to be able to roll tape after this is done when Kevin is actually sitting on the supreme court, and people are outraged that they can say they tried, and I think that this plays to the base right now leading into two thousand eighteen and also to what two twenty twenty. They're trying to do Booker and Kamala Harris both themselves have a huge numbers or huge amounts of videotape now that they can use for a campaign commercials. Come twenty nine thousand nine I have to admit I mean, Cory Booker to me, I think we even chatted. Briefly about it. He is he's an intelligent guy. There's no doubt about it. I don't know if he contrived this whole Spartacus business on his own or if he surrounded himself with some feeble minded, political consultants. I don't know where it came from. But but that moment Chris can be an absolute career ender because yes, they have taped the day can show. But opponents in the future will always have that tape that they can show too. That's true. And you know, I'll be to you know, between Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. There's no doubt in my mind that Cory Booker is of those two better candidate smarter candidate who's actually run something and actually unfortunate that in our day and age right now, somebody with booker's credentials. You may not agree with his politics policies with his credentials because educational background and his political experience and its executive experience in Newark, it has, you know, the the the measure of the man or the candidate now had become how you. You can be outrageous. And that's unfortunate for our democracy is we're looking at the next series of elections. Unfortunately, symptomatic the other part about a two is is the public conduct. And now we've had yet again another incident that's taking place with the announcement of the closure of the PLO offices in DC. I mean, it just seems that it's open season. And I don't wanna bring the Serena Williams story so much into this. But but her contact on the court during the US women's final. And Chris, I mean, is it just a generational thing is because of social media is it because kids are being raised by their parents right anymore. How do we get to this point? Like, it's a social free for all. I don't know where we reached the point where there are no rules where or their rules can be so easily disregarded because no consequences. But clearly we seem to be in that place where almost anything can be justified. I would tell you that. I actually I know it's a rough divide for people. I read the tape the pay the news articles. And I've seen the actual tape on on Williams actually agree with her. There have been male players who have done worse. And I would you know, it cost it cost or twenty four championship. I don't believe that what they did was particularly bad, but she's a competitor at a very high level what she did was wrong. But I don't think she should have been penalized the way that she was but more broadly. I think you can see points. Whether it be the conduct of les Moonves has at CBS who's now taking a leave for yet another person who's now caught up in this this meet you movement for for sexual abuse. And and see that are teams to be different standard for different people. And it is actually not a good thing for all of us that we have people who so willingly go out, and and flout what we consider to be the norm talking. What he's always appreciate your invitation to come and see you buddy. I'll be so grateful if your listeners would log onto WWW Duffy, soapbox dot com. Great posts they're going back to two thousand four but you can always find me at Duffy's soapbox on Facebook. I post by the hour. Lots of listener engagement love all of it. Please come and check it out. And I'm also on Twitter at Duffy soapbox. Please come early and often we shall we shall we shall a couple of things Barack Obama back on the campaign trail wanna get your taken positive possible impact will be of that. Will there be a government shutdown coming up in regard to wall funding, and in the state of Florida decisions being made as to whether or not felons should be able to vote, and we'll get Chris take on those stories and much more. With us here on the recommended program. Good morning, Hawaii Aloha to you. It is seventy eight..

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