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Be helpful to just give them some of the ways in which that can add to the painter confusion infusion so oftentimes people don't speak about. Did you get a job offer. They'll ask you. Did you get a call and when you say it in that way what it it does to young impressionable men and women is that it makes you feel like oh either God called me or not. But it's not really that it's a job offer because for for those of us like Ryan and I who have a commitment and a calling to edifying and helping spiritual growth happen my status as an employees of a denomination or is it doesn't change that. Yeah and I say that knowing that it's true but my gut still gets. Because it's there's something about out being able to be fully associated identified with the denomination that for someone like me does something it provides a sense of validity and in the end and a communal support. That means something and I know that it's abstract and maybe should it mean as much as it does but it does and it's just the reality so those are some of the ways in which you kind of grow into understanding what it means to work for the seventh. They haven't his church urge. And you have this language like calling. Did you get a call versus. Did you get a job. Offer then can become confusing and painful when you don't get a quote unquote call which is just the job offer. Well and then you've got you've also got the structure side of it because hiring for us is a little bit more centralized than further denominations. Because it's it's not a local church. You're not a local church higher. In most cases you are a conference higher so conference wolf anything. Literature tires are maybe looked down upon. Yeah absolutely there are or less opportunities for them unfortunately.

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