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Human rights organisations imbaba's opposition they may all work together and try and push and force the door open an actually uh you know force in a truly democratic change rather than just a controlled transition andrew you were in zimbabwe for two decades what is the best illustration you can recall of how power operates there you know when i first came to zimbabwe in 1980 that was the flush of of of zimbabwe's uh the end of whiteminority rule and it was all very positive and and anything was possible and if you had in inner change with the police if you spoke well people would speak to you well and you could have a a discussion about things and things could be sorted out by the time i left in two thousand three by the time i was thrown out two thousand three it had become a state where there were roadblocks i was standing by my car you know it 1130 at night with a ak forty seven wielding policeman and it was much more sinister andrew meldrum with the ap speaking with us from johannesburg south africa thanks very much andhra thanks marco we've been hearing for months know about the crackdown in me and more against the roma hegna people throw him yet or a muslim minority in this buddhist majority country and they've been the target of brutal attacks by me and mars security forces nearly a half million people fled across the border into neighboring bangladesh and telling stories of murder arson and mass rape mian leaders say their military campaign as a response to a row in your rebellion the un calls the myanmar security operation ethnic cleansing today we have a story of two roe hindu refugees who just arrived here in boston this week here's my wgbf colleague gabriella emmanuel less than twelve hours after landing at logan airport muhammad anwar and hussain muhammad are sitting on folding chairs and their dorchester apartment if undecorated and sparsely furnished across the wellworn table is their caseworker rahmatullah ikot he's just pulled out his cell phone bill.

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