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And mosquito carrying the West Nile virus has been found in New Bedford mayor John. Mitchell's office says, they were informed by the state health. Department that the sample was taken near oak grove cemetery on Parker street in light of that Bristol County will conduct more ground spring in that area of the cemetery as well as, in city parks the spraying will take. Place in the early morning hours tomorrow, people living near the cemetery or city parks are urged to close their windows tonight A cushion of man was arrested early this morning in New Bedford on various charges. Thirty two year old Christopher Brousseau faces charges of possession of crack cocaine. Carrying a weapon and trespassing the arrest came. After police were called to the riverbank lofts on riverside app to investigate the report of a person trespassing on the. Property officers say they located Brousseau was carrying the crack cocaine and, a knife, that has. Larger than the city law permits New Bedford man's been arrested after he interfered with a police investigation and then pushed officers and resisted, as they attempt to arrest him the incident happened in the late afternoon yesterday it new Bedford's Montes park playground officers were investigating the. Incident involving a moped police report the nineteen year old sterling Robinson became disorderly will being placed under arrest he pushed the arresting, officers during a search Robinson police say they found him in. Possession of a knife that is larger than city law permits investigation is connected this Suspect to the. Stolen moped Massachusetts state police say four troopers will be suspended without pay a duty. Status hearing was held today for the department members relieved from duty on, Monday after view of overtime. Pay discrepancies in personnel records the superintendent of the state police said the temporary relief of the troopers is a result of the departments continued review. Of records signaling whether members were present and working overtime shifts for which they were paid WBZ news time six oh five in sports the Red Sox battle the Phillies one more time tonight at citizens Bank park first pitch at seven oh five. The pre-game on WBZ SM begins at six twenty forecast for tonight mostly clear around seventy tomorrow sunny hot and humid eighty ninety is. It going to Friday we're tracking some cloud cover for the afternoon now..

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