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The vaccine. It's more like the vaccines that we're used to. The hepatitis vaccine, the HPV vaccine, where in this case they take the gene encoding the spike protein and they put it into insect cells into moth cells in the mosque, make the spike protein. It's purified and that part of the virus is injected and we make an immune response to it. Remember the Pfizer and the Moderna, we actually inject the RNA into the human. So ourselves, and then we make this spike protein ourselves. So we become the factory for the proteins. In this case, it's the moths, and then that protein is given. So both of them yield and potent immune responses against the original Wuhan spike protein and it gives serious protection against serious illness and hospitalization. So from that side, it's encouraging. Will it serve folks who maybe can't tolerate the other vaccines for whatever reason? I think in general it's going to be the people who are reticent to get an RNA vaccine. People who said, hey, listen, this is the first ones approved. I don't want to be part of that. So this is more conventional. And there are people out there that said, hey, I'm going to take this when there's a protein based vaccine and this is that. There are very few people who have had reactions to the RNA vaccine so they can't get any more, but in those individuals, they are also candidates for this vaccine. So I hope we can get more people vaccinated and then boosted because it's certainly critical to fight the new variants. Yes, speaking of those new variants and sub variants that may be resistant to current vaccines with novavax so late to the party, can we still expect good protection from it? It's the same as the RNA vaccines in that it's the original Wuhan spike protein. So it'll be similar in that regard. And what they do is they have a foundation immune response that protects us from serious illness. They don't protect from spreading and they don't from tech from getting ill from the current variants. But they do protect from serious illness. So they're clearly as benefit. We all need them so we stay out of the hospital, but at the same time, we need new and better vaccines. The first of which will come in the beginning of October. The CDC still has to sign off before those 18 and older can start getting it novavax has already been approved for use in Europe. I had the Nats snapped their 9 game losing skid. It is one 13. An orthopedic surgeon makes understanding pain, painless. This is the biggest frustration that patients have. This is doctor Pamela Mehta

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