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Eighties good Tuesday morning I'm Jeff brown thank you for waking up with us here's what's happening Boston police on the job overnight following gunfire in Mattapan WBZ's James Ross is there and joins us now James this happened after an event meant to bring people together good morning good morning yes the shooting took place on a wild wood street off more and we're hearing that a young man was shot in the head around one thirty in the morning their condition unknown now just hours before only about a mile away and all month park members of the community they came out for national night out it's an event that promotes a stronger partnership between police and those who live and work around here photos on social media showing families together smiling mayor Walsh was out here also last night now here back at the multi family building where the shooting took place the entrance blocked by yellow police tape the door wide open an officer parked out front making sure nothing else happens no details yet on what caused this shooting in Mattapan James R. O. hasta view to be easy Boston's newsradio in time investigators in both el Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio continue to look for leads after this weekend's mass shootings that left thirty one dad they're trying to piece together the motives that led to young men to fire on innocent people in crowded public places in el Paso the death toll now has increased to twenty two president trump is trying to get Congress into gear on a bipartisan effort to get tough on guns if we are able to pass great legislation after all of these years we will ensure that those who were attacked will not have died in vain in a nationwide address the president says he'll put more federal money on the table to battle domestic terrorism and recommends putting an end to what he calls the glorification of violence in video games beyond that details few and far between on his plan CBS news correspondent we Jiang says the president is leaving White House officials to fill in the blanks CBS news has learned that before and after the president's speech officials here Matt to draw out a road map to implement what the president outlined but admittedly there very few specifics about what would go into legislative proposals we have also learned that after the president spoke NRA executives called members of the administration to say they were pleased with what they heard president trump is scheduled to visit el Paso tomorrow but some local officials there say he is not welcome five oh two now looking for a bounce back today on Wall Street after U. S. stocks plunged to their worst one day loss of the year investors around the globe scrambled to sell on worries about the worsening trade war with China technology companies and banks bore the brunt of the selling yesterday trying to let its currency dropped to the lowest level against the dollar in more than a decade.

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