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There was a lot of humor in the presentations which i appreciated including a video about how evan goldberg talking you know speaking with people at oracle and saying hey i've got this great idea we're going to announce all of our our new ideas with a viral video and then the guy at oracles like no please don't do that and you're right we should do it and then he goes out and does this crazy mash up viral video approach which was extremely dorky and i appreciated that because i'm also extremely dorky so it was an interesting experience attending this conference and learning more about net sweet a a company i had heard about multiple times but never really looked into so our next episode will be about oracle we'll talk more about how that company came into being and what it has done over its years more about larry ellison and some of the trials and tribulations that oracle has been through but if you guys have suggestions for future episodes of tech stuff i highly recommend you get in touch with me send me an email the address for the podcast is tech stuff at how stuff works dot com or drop me a line on facebook or twitter handle at both of those is tech stuff h s w don't forget the follow us on instagram and remember on normal weeks i broadcast live on twitch dot tv slash tech stuff you can actually watch me record the podcasts in real time you get a chance to see the bud cast being recorded you get to hear them usually a couple of weeks before they come out and you get to see me make mistakes plus there's a chat room you can jump into and chat with other people who are fans of text up hope to see you guys there and i'll talk to you again really soon.

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