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Something that court should strive for. And I know on the seventh circuit we try and I try to be a tomb, Teo and writing opinions, whether it gives good guidance to lower courts and then to also those who are trying to order their conduct. You know, in compliance with the last thing clarity is certainly a virtue in this context. And I think that we're working. Like I said on a bipartisan bicameral basis, Tio help or do it on our part, Copyright law and technologies, another area that we've focused quite a bit on. I think I had One witness say that our current laws are ah MySpace laws and a tic tac world. There's a lot of changes that have occurred and we feel like there's a need for us to maybe move forward with some clarity and some protections. The Supreme Court has spent more than a century answering questions about whether copyright law covers new technologies like cameras. Player pianos, moving pictures. The list goes on several Internet enabled technologies. Do you think that the Supreme Court is the best institution? Answer these questions Or is that a role Congress should play. Most of the things you're identifying san to me like matters of policy, So those seem like matters that are best addressed by the Legislature, democratically elected body not policy made by courts. I agree. I think it's a complex subject and I'm glad to hear your opinion. And I hope that we make progress on it again. I have to think Senator Coons and Senator Blumenthal and Senator Hirono who are on that sub committee who have I think we've worked Well, and I'm hopeful that we'll make progress. I think Senator Blumenthal I ask you about the court's getting involved in elections, but before Somebody goes out into the cyber world and says non people are going to decide the outcome of the election. Nonvotes versus the tens of millions of votes that are being cast now will be cast by November, the third What you're potentially going to be confronted with our various lawsuits that may come in, based on changes and voting protocols for this cycle versus other ones, But at the end of the day, what role is the court gonna play? If any And the determination non people are not going to like the president. Regardless of who wins the election, But non people are going to have to consider various cases but at the foundation, is it accurate to say? That your role will be determining whether or not every single American who wishes the vote had their boat recorded on DH was given proper access Teo to make that boat is that fundamentally what the courts would decide. Fundamentally if an election dispute arose, obviously the issue, it's impossible.

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