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The cans fee of remax first advantages really we have three twenty three by the way if you have been in New Jersey one one point five listener for some time and you feel the need to vent to one way or the other about what is happening in Washington DC today about the impeachment we're gonna be doing an hour on that in the five o'clock hour in the meantime my a fourteen year old son is expressing an interest in getting a job and stupid may I don't know yet I knew this that you can do it at fourteen of urban like Hey why the hell are you work I should have done this back in April when he turned more take it but what was your first job can you remember what that was one eight hundred two eight three one one point founded this isn't necessarily very first but some of the early jobs is in case it was their first job Stephen Cole bear was a futon frame maker Lin Manuel Miranda went on to great things started working the cash register to McDonald's and those older and started washing dishes so that humble beginnings go let's talk to Joe in Howell your New Jersey one one point five okay my first job I worked at the park and endorse the park there was over in Lakewood New Jersey for a very very long time and I actually work that job until about three years ago I started when I was thirteen years old this is a cool place to work sounds like it I would it was awesome and he was definitely a family oriented orientated place very very local cool screen a good place to get the hang out they are troubled stuff in your skater yourself that's how you got into this I love started out you know what watching the bathrooms stuff like that so many people and again I went on each there for out got close to fifteen years wow wow what made you finally leave what he doing now our record that a parked car as I got older I can you know I had it with you know better package yeah and I would like yeah yeah hi Jo thank you call that a park sounds pretty cool yeah car or you could be a janitor in a family owned grocery store making less than minimum wage just say cookie in Morristown New Jersey one one point five hello hello cookie okay the one about my first job well I mean a lot less than you did I get a dollar eighty an hour doing what I worked at that I work at a seven eleven and it was a far cry from the this is great because I was freezing making fifty cents an hour as a babysitter but the really fun part of the story is the first week I work ten hours I was really excited I'm gonna get eighteen dollars and then I look at his paycheck and it's not eighteen dollars they took all these deductions out I'm a little bit more little depressing walk home I said to my mom not on eighteen dollars what is all this stuff explaining everything the federal taxes the tax he gets to the focal security withholding and I'm like what and you tell me what it is and when you're sixty six you'll be able to call I said sixty six that's fifty years from now I'll be paying my whole life in there probably won't be any money in there and I wasn't too far off a welcome to reality okay thanks for your call Alex in south river you're on New Jersey one one point five the guys love you guys all the time I will is a sixteen I started to bus tables at the local restaurant bar and then shortly after that couple months became a week and then I can get there are rumors like ten eleven years I worked there all through high school college grad school after we got you know the grad school job and while I worked I worked there until they closed in April really kind of on and off and it was just a nightmare and it was completely under the table yeah I didn't know what taxes were in so I got like a real job after grad school but I it was funny I mean for fifty hours with block person and then we made five and as a server yeah but you did better with all the tips how old at least you know back then I don't know if it's changed but how old what what's the youngest you can be and ten bar I think it's eighteen yeah it is isn't it weird I remember it was something like I knew what was under twenty one like you you concern it but you can't drink it and yet you can make edits them and hand them out yeah that refer her to her because I was nineteen I started bartending people ask me you know what I recommend and I would you know in college and that I didn't know anything yeah and that you didn't know it if you do he email bartender did you get hit on constantly I'm not constantly but fairly regularly I work it was a family owned bar by you know occasionally had yeah the late night crowd so for different kind of place it would have been constantly probably I had some of the best and I yell at them or any of those records people a good job were you and I'm sorry how old were you did you say you were fifteen when you started I would when I sixteen people we haven't seen when I first so we tried okay the first night when you started to waitress were you scared to death verified I hereby I would argue more terrified when I had the four times I did not want to be a bartender could back there you're you're just out on the way for everyone said the CEO and but I was super shy with your help that it broke me out of my my cell yeah you're kind of your kind of forced to talk to people maturing too yeah all right Haley things in that story with us all right what about you what was your very very first job one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five time for the news at three thirty now the latest New Jersey news from NJ one one five dot com the former Olympic equestrian arrested after police say he shot at ten and at his long valley riding facility this summer has been indicted on two counts of attempted murder Michael garrison also faces a weapons count in the indictment handed up by a Morris County grand jury and made public today authorities have said the August seventh shooting followed a lengthy dispute involving the fifty four year old there is on and the couple who had been living in training at his farm police were called to the address at least five times ahead of the incident governor Phil Murphy is finally getting to remake the state economic development authority announcing yesterday that hello point for women as board members effective January second among them is marsia Marley of New Jersey policy perspective he says tax incentives must be targeted a common myth of all political persuasions believe that I'm monitored and I'm limited subsidies to individual companies are bad use of taxpayer dollars the appointees will fill seats finally being vacated by.

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