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Welcome back for episode one hundred and one of the Ross Bohlin podcast, otherwise known as Rb p one oh one, you know, one hundred one down nations that was a film. I think it's been done multiple times. Now, in fact, anyway, this show is brought to you by grand X media. I'm your host Ross Bohlin here the grand X media studios in Austin, Texas, and I'm here with my producer, Michael winer. Hello ross. It is a real pleasure to be here today on Thursday for upset one a one indeed bought new sunglasses. It's been awhile since I bought new sunglasses because every time I buy new sunglasses. I I lose them within a week sometimes then a day and. Anyway, due to some good fortune in the sports betting world as of late about some new sunglasses. They came to my home, and I'm currently wearing them while we record indoors with the lights turned down low. That's just because I want to get the most enjoyment out of them as possible before I inevitably lose them and hate myself. Just really only explaining myself to Mike I didn't even have to mention this. None of you would have ever known that I'm wearing sunglasses, but I am I'm like P Diddy right now in honestly, that's the highest level of fame. You can achieve is when when you can wear sunglasses courtside at a fucking NBA game, and nobody can say anything to you. That's that's the highest level the Jack Nicholson P Diddy level of fame. But I digress. Rb P..

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