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To a millisecond frame by frame. You just don't know. So that'll be Laker basketball. The side is opposed to free throws plus possession here. And LeBron James looks in Man. Lob sitting on top of Dwight Howard won't shoot from out there also come out of the game. Right side. Danny Green for three. That one's no good rebound. Thoughtful Grab by Paul Millsap. Good rebound. Millsap has it up. The right sideline has got joker out there with him gets the dotted line. Bully ball throws back behind him, and he threw it away. Oh, pass it to LeBron in the front court. That's a turnover in pain, Horrible turnover. And then get out. Run 33 on what Here comes Jamal Murray. The other way goes to the left hand whips it left side over the bills. Bill SAP has it against Anthony Davis, a joker, the wing head fake got rid of Howard, your old step kick out Grant in the corner. Now Harris and three off the back of their good rebound comes down to Dwight Howard. Howard has it in the front court in the corner to Pope back out over the LeBron James LeBron got it out there by Jeremy Grant throws it on the right side, the Anthony Davis for three that jumper's short Rebound comes down to Gerry Harrison. He's on the move here. He's run up the backside runs right over LeBron offensive along. Gary Gary has nowhere to go number 14 Gary Harris. Just tough play LeBron. I mean, didn't even move and he actually euro step right into LeBron. You're here every night to show up as a bad place for across the timeline is LeBron James gets down free Throw line Extended throws about Danny Green right back over LeBron, guarded by Jeremy Grant. And so here he backs him down to the mid court. Never threaten. The double team has passed deflected out of bounds by Gary Harris with 3.9 on the shot clock. So Laker basketball beside here, LeBron James. Throws it in on top catch and go. Anthony Davis shots on the way No good rebound down Jamal Murray. Murray has quickly across the time line over the grant Grant drives in on LeBron James Leeds in Riverside. Lay up is up and in Coach with a steal back over the grant. Riverside lamp is up here. Gynecologist stuck his hand in the passing lane Howard to write to it. 9 to 6 the score. Denver leads it by three. Top of the key is LeBron James throws it off on the elbow over Anthony Davis drives in on Millsap kick out over the green, and along, too. That's an air ball again but a foul.

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