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We have one nick really is though he is one of the best guys that are meant he's a very dynamic actor i do love her breast about the money so i'm a finance guy i gotta know a hat would it what's your first plan with the oh was i'm actually going back to nash stidham academic desert they're like why does the richest guy looked the most broken it's like because i don't give a shit about skyscraper hopping motorcycle riding evil stopping tattered up red head because has bat woman is coming in hot for fifteen years she's been searching for the place that she fits and now she's finally found it her time is now don't miss the incredible new series that woman sundays at eight seven central on the w or anytime on the free CW app we'll be right back with more off the vine raith therapy from the lady network and podcast one i dated a lot of game and my life maybe it's not you it's showman's with kevin matt kale and jenna joined the former glee stars and best friends for an untraditional take on finding love and friendship in a world of show business as the modern the tradition don't miss new episodes of show me with kevin in jenner every thursday on apple podcasts and podcast one hope you find friends is good this is off the vine grape therapies i wanted to talk about obviously your reaction when you one because everyone we were all sitting at home fine totally deserves it okay like between the two of you we don't know what's going to happen and then you pour your poor confetti was ruined you know i i get alert people have their opinions yeah why things happen the way that they did CVS to them they think that is got it taken away from me i understand that they were you know there's an issue going on online one of which i have no idea about privy to that because so cut off i get CBS addressing it i get that they were you know wanting me to also have a platform they were also kind of looking out for me and that's the same time i have no idea idea what is being said about me and so you know racism and you know being sajjan things like that yeah two things that i that hit home for me on a very personal level yeah when i'm sitting there trying to campaign for half a million yeah it completely caught me off guard yeah and i have no idea what's being said so it's like for me the hell with the five hundred grand right i'm an only child i'm only one carry us name what is happening to my family what is that into me on a personal level keep the check for all i care about what is going on in my life i'm twenty four i'm trying to go forward after this life after big brother yeah so five hundred grand is great but it's not permanent scher last name on the last one caring for what matters more to me then you can tell you that kind of person and that's why i was like oh this poor guy they're trying to just make an example you know or do something where you go in live feeds and i was like what are they talking about you know there's a lot of things that was so like genuinely shock there's a lot of things that were said on the feeds and i am never going mm to sit here and contest the things that i said that i should have said them because you know i in that house it is a pressure cooker and in the heat of the moment things are said and you get annoyed with people but it was never about race now and you know one of the biggest things is people references about going back to mexico goes and go back to mexico mexico is was our code word and hindsight all of the houseguests would say this and we should have thought it this might not be a good doc but what i'm saying you know go back to mexico and back to mexico that was the sequester hotel that we were in that was our codeword we code words everything so white the dominican republic for the weekend okay as a group yeah.

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