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Forty five hundred and fifty pounds when you're smaller like that. It's a little bit like gymnastics. There's reasons why you don't see two hundred twenty five pound gymnasts. Right. And they were doing things that there were just. Too big to do at least glaciers case. I think his martial arts presentation was just a little too dramatic a little too video game ish, if you will not not very realistic in some cases, his kicks were. But he was the legitimate martial artist. I'm not questioning that. But the way he presented. He probably overdramatize it a little bit too much took away its believability or credibility, number one. Number two. I think he was trying to too many things over the course of a match that was really too long. If you're going to be throwing a lot of kicks. But people don't realize in in six could probably talk a lot more about this. And I can't really speak to it. Fluently when it comes to working in the ring, but I can tell you that throwing a kick takes about seventy five percent more energy than throwing a punch or clothesline. Because it, you know, all of your your muscles in your gluts and your legs your back, your lower back, your ABS, it's a lot of energy to throw a kick and you tire out very very quickly. In a competitive environment. And I'm pretty sure the same is true here. And I think the fact that these guys were trying to throw so many kicks, especially as big as they were over the course of a nine or ten minute match was just too much. I think if they would have saved some of that martial arts, you know, trying to set it up. It'd be pick one devastating kick. I call I saw a couple three or four different sidekicks. And of course of this match. A psychic legitimately is very devastating kick. If you landed in the right area, it should have been a Finnish instead of seeing it three or four or five times or more during the course of a match and blowing yourself up in the process because you're two hundred fifty pound guy mortis was a good to forty at least. I think those those guys were just too big to have the style of a match in my opinion. Escaped roll in here and talk about the rumor and innuendo allegedly, and this is one of those darts sheet things that were comes repeated. And maybe they've come from a newsletter. But it was certainly all over the message boards. You guys are talked to rob van dam about potentially portraying glacier character to the best of your knowledge. Never happened. Never now with me or not not not with my approval. Did anybody else do it? I can't suggest or confirm or deny that Jerry Taylor. Kevin Sullivan or Mike Graham or somebody else may have had a conversation with them that could have happened, but the mortis character was my project good or bad, and I would probably been aware of that. And I never had a conversation with rob about that at all. Well know, a lot of people look back at glacier and mortis and think it's a bad business decision. And we'd talk a lot about bad business decisions here on eighty three weeks. And if you're a small or family owned business you can't afford to make a lot of those bad business decisions..

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