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See a little bit more sunshine Thursday and temperatures inching a little bit closer to where we should be high temperatures in the mid seventies overcast 60 degrees at DFW Airport. The conflict between Israel and Palestinians escalated is Israel launched deadly airstrikes in Gaza and Hamas fired rockets into tell Aviv Boxes. Trey Yanks has more from the Gaza Israeli border. Earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement to the Israeli people. He was really addressing the population here, saying that if this rocket fire continues, there will be a severe Israeli response. The prime minister wanted to make clear that this operation is just getting underway. From his perspective. We spoke with a number of sources in the Israeli military today to try to get a better picture of what the Israeli military was preparing to do with a B movie in ground forces in Troops. We know they called up 5000 reserve members, but the prime minister is calling the shots here. Despite the political uncertainty in Israel, he is still in charge along with his defense minister, Benny Gods, and they say they are going to make Hamas pay a heavy price must launched over 100 rockets in response to Israel's destruction of a high rise building in Gaza. Dallas native and former state Senator Don ho finds is laying out his plan for Texas just one day after announcing he will challenge Governor Greg Abbott. Next year's gubernatorial election of finds told W B A. P S Chris Saucedo show is top priorities are eliminating property taxes, Election integrity and the southern border. Our plan to finish the wall and secure that border in one day is resonating so well And, of course, I'm going to enforce the laws to make sure that everyone knows their vote is not being stolen. And finally we're gonna put the property tax on a path to eliminate finds has been critical of Governor Abbott's response to the covert pandemic. Nikki's Arena and Fort Worth working to fill about 1000 positions. Events had begun to come back since covert cancelations Dickie's arenas looking to fill full time and part time positions to help people get back to work or make some extra money. The fun thing about our industry is that we are a lot of, you know, nights and weekends, So if you have that traditional 9 to 5 job, it kind of provides that extra income opportunity that maybe wouldn't be available in other positions unless the Sanderson with sticky, Zarina says jobs range from food and beverage ticketing security. Parking operations and guest services. Cat one desired. WB AP News House Republicans are expected to hold a vote that could cost Congresswoman Liz Cheney her leadership position tomorrow. White House Press secretary Jen Psaki says. They aren't too concerned about it. We're not spending much time here, determining A now outcome of or predicting an outcome of I should say or or analyzing the impact of inter party fighting within the Republican Party. We will leave that to them to work out among themselves. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and many other Republicans have thrown their support behind New York congresswoman at least seven IQ. To replace Cheney is GOP CONFERENCE Chair Texas Mrs. Closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow down 474 points NASDAQ Lost 12 the SNP 500 down by 36. Again the low Tonight 57. It is 60 degrees from the W B A B news desk. I'm Eric Bushman Your next update at 6 30 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com. It's shocking. Bilham is taking over intersections illegally in Plano, Frisco and listeners and cops from Alan Say, It's happening there, too. At least three times. Why is it Count Kelly stopping this? Why don't the city stuff? Why are cops telling me they're being told to allow be allowed to take off? I thought Colin County was read. Where's Judge Chris Hill? Where Sheriff Jim scare Our attorney General Ken Paxton, who lives in Con County. Joins meets at at 9 30 on the Chris Crocker to tell us what can be done. I'm all over it starting eight grand amoeba. Commercial property taxes, too high Southland property taxes. You're proven solutions. Southland tax not coming. It's Rick Roberts got a question. Does your water smell like chemicals like chlorine? Maybe it's drying out your skin or your hair. Listen, call right.

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